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[Suggestion] Rewards - Feedback

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Posted on 1/27/19 1:23:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Generally these threads are specifically requested by IGG, however I think it is important that everyone understand that this thread is in response to the members desire to see rewards updated.  One of the primary issues with updating the rewards is that a single suggestion that addresses one game mode is not sufficient enough to provide a workable baseline for IGG, since the rewards from all the game modes supply the various resources required throughout the game they all should be addressed or at least the majority of them.  Updating the rewards should take into consideration all the resources (new & old) in amounts sufficient enough to consistently advance these accounts, without years of never-ending grinding.


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Posted on 1/30/19 9:18:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My 2 cents on top of my head:

Arid ruins - remove soulstones even early accounts the heroes on offer via ss are not worth it. Change these ss to breakthrough stones, birthrocks, lvl 6/7/8 talent runes, blue and red rocks.

Wheel - update the heroes ss to later heroes. Add evo rune and breakthrough stones

LR - increase the red and blue crystal income to help in forging and upgrading insignias. Double evo enemy teams should give out breakthrough rocks. Demon rewards to include prime crests such as new ones and revite

GW - increase cap now that 4k gw pts are easy to get which in turn means increase max fame to say 3k?

FF - double the amount of fame and change the rewards to include the likes of prime bags or castle chests. Then have breakthrough rocks, birthrocks.

HT - increase talent 9 rune drop rate. Throw in a chance to get breakthrough rocks

Lab - include lab stamina cards in rewards and add fame and breakthru rocks

Squad showdown - double the fame and give out breakthru rocks

Is3 - should allow breakthru rocks to drop

Warden - since it is hard to beat even 1 warden then it should give out much better rewards like breakthru rocks. Weekly rewards should have a better tier than only 1st 10 getting lvl9. Since majority of ppl will be in the cuurent 1lvl6 talent rune tier then this should change to say 1 of each 6/7/8 rune especially as this is a weekly thing.

Castle crisis -
Demon - double the fame
Impster - add breakthru rocks and birthstones
avaricifer - add new talents in the crests

In a nutshell at a minimum need more ways to earn breakthru stones since you need huge amounts just for one hero and by the time you max one hero that hero may not be relevant anymore!

Posted on 1/30/19 6:27:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My idea for forge hero cart legendray ,every players very hero cart in warhous.please active idea me after update,THANKS,please for idea me hero cart lazulix,castle clash=my life & my love


After a short time each player has a number of cards in the warehouse,

Given that he has even done everything and still has a card

Why do these cards stay unused in the warehouse!

If igg in the next update will do this my idea Cards become an attractive and exciting part in the game 

In such a way that each foregone 2 hero legendray cards (x) requires the amount of gem,The Forge Award in a Random And A Chance Of A Hero cart legendray,Perhaps the foreground prize is great, and maybe it's a lucky chance

The cards that are out of work in the warehouse are the best way to do this

Posted on 1/30/19 7:57:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi. I have an idea for the game, which would be to add a card to exchange talent among heroes, which has a cost of 300 gems so that the players do not start to play to get talent instead of going to refresh. 

Because it has happened to many that we get a good talent and we put it to a hero, but as time passes you get a better hero, and you stop using the old hero and you have good talent but you do not use it anymore.


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Posted on 1/30/19 9:21:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

No matter how much you increase the rewards, any good-reward game mode or fun game mode will be dominated by the mass p2p. The only real way to tighten the gap between f2p and p2p is to have the p2p players boycott for the f2p, but that won't happen so no luck there.
But if you want some better rewards, maybe these are some ideas:
Quest Board - as of now, you get about 7 100k books and 35 20k books for 500k might. Obviously someone of that stature doesn't need that. A constant struggle I find for f2p is leveling heroes. Granted this only takes time, rather than just being impossible, it is not a widely-complained-about issue, the Quest Board should have much better Experience Book rewards.
Sign-In Rewards - change all of the green fame boxes from Sign-In rewards to Blue fame boxes. That is about 7k fame per week, giving players more incentive to sign in everyday.
Dungeons - All Shard amount multiplied by 1.5x and Honor Badge amounts multiplied by 10x. Don't think that's much to ask.
Better items in the Merits shop. They are still selling Level 1 crests in there, and 100 Honor Badge Packages. Don't think anyone is interested. (though the semi-frequent refresh cards and such are nice sometimes)
Lost Realm - multiply Red Crystal winnings from battling teams by 3x, blue crystals from farms and altars by 3x, and add stronger teams that can give some new rewards - such as 5x Ignite stones or 1x Lvl 8 rune (make these teams more rare, of course). Those Double Evolved teams aren't impressive.
Forgotten Trials - for the amount of hours you have to put into each level, a few hundred fame and gems doesn't really cut it as an incentive. The only incentive to getting higher is as status symbol. Give a more exponential increase in fame/gems/birthrocks. Perhaps a base line could be FT Lv20 gives 2000 fame, 400 gems, and 80 rocks. (if something like this is implemented, simply give extra rewards to accounts that have already beaten past levels)
Castle Crisis - First of all, unrelated to rewards, I believe the first 3 stages should last a flat 5 days and the Demon last 2 days. Anyways, Ember Army - Merits are still not viewed extremely valuable even after the wardens have been implemented, as you can buy enough to max them all for $5. I think a good reward for Ember Army would be fame, rather than from Archdemon. As for Avarcifier, just up the levels or make them Insignias rather than crests. Impster rewards aren't shabby - chests can be pretty chinsey on good rewards though. Archdemon could have Ignite/Zenith stones as a reward, Rank 1-10 getting around 500 Ignite and 50 Zenith, rank 11-50 getting 300, 30, Rank 51-100 get 200, 20. So on.
Arena - Arena is one of the most competitive game modes (especially at top-tier) but gives horrible rewards. 80k hb and 200 fame per week for the top ranks is nothing short of unimpressive. They recently did "update" Arena to have the top 3 displayed which made it even more competitive, but still bad rewards. Possibly give 3000 fame for rank 1-20 as a base line and 20k shards.
Guild Wars - One of the more complained-about game modes, I think guild wars should cap at 4-5k fame and 50k honor badges.
Arid Ruins - a semi-recent game mode, some were excited for a change of pace with a new mode, but the rewards weren't good enough and you can beat stage 1 and Leave for about 70% of the rewards which is what most do. Should be more incentive to stay to wave 5. Wave 5 (and other waves) could become harder along with better rewards such as fame and larger quantities of soulstones for better heroes.
Just some ideas. Maybe some good, maybe some bad. Give feedback if you'd like
Maybe not the greatest idea, but Bazaar coupons could be a thing. Where every month or 2 months or on Holidays, IGG gives everyone a $5 or $10 coupon they can use on a Bazaar. I think a good system for this would be as a usable item that can only be used for that day's Bazaar and will expire after the server resets. When used, it gives the rewards of a respective 5$ or 10$ Bazaar from that day. Example: if a $5 Bazaar gives 200 blue fame boxes, 200 pet bag IV, 2 Prime hero card III, and 100 Gold books, the coupon could be used and those rewards would be given. Also I think these should be exclusive to the coupons, rather than being able to buy it.

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Posted on 1/30/19 9:23:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i would like to say 1 thing while updating rewards pls add chance to get karamic rock  2 3. because for f2p spending fam for karamick rocks is not possible. i get karamick rock 1 from wheel and arid ruins. but pls add chance of getting rock 2 and 3.
and also pls imrove rewards in warden challenge. all my double evlolve hero can only beat only lv1 warden. so it is heavily p2p.
and for avificer in castle crissis pls add rewards as insignia of lv 1 and 2. instead of creast. that will be better to forge.

Posted on 1/31/19 12:38:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Daily rewards should be based on logged in days. If somebody downloaded the game yesterday, bought some bazaar pack and raised his might to 120k gets the same benefits as someone logged in for year.
difference should be maintained.

Remove the honor badges, hour hammer, 10 fames , blue Crystal bags, older heroes souls stones, 10 , 50 shards, 5 or 10 gems , 100 merits, and so on trash rewards from each and every game mode. Maybe newcomers have little benefits of that but think about higher might players.

Lr bazaar , warehouse bazaar , should get newer items but according to logged in days. Igg have data about log in days.

Posted on 1/31/19 9:15:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Everything I am about to propose has the thought that p2p should definitely shine above all the f2ps. However, doing your daily stuff should help you out, both free to play and semi pay to play.

A new feature was recently added to Castle Clash: breakthrough. After some Maths, I figured out that it takes 1630 Zenithstones and 4285 Ignitingstones to fully breakthrough a single hero. (leaving out the amount of red crystals and honor badges; which are quite a few)

There is currently not a solid way to earn those stones -in reasonable quantities - making this a feature for only the heavy pay-to-plays. Which is fine since they finally have something they can really spend money on, but it should be atleast something people that played long enough for them to reach breakthrough, to actually use.

In my opinion, Team Dungeons is a good gamemode for us to earn these items. Especially the lava isles, as these require higher level heroes - those that are closer to breakthrough. As you earn 1 try every 6 hours, you will earn 4 tries each day. a most efficient player could therefore have 1460 tries in this gamemode each year. While this is an ideal number most won't reach, let's us assume this as our standard player (best standard player possible). As I do not know the drop rates of all the possible chest, I will assume the BEST case scenario meaning all chests have a drop rate of 33.34%

Say that all lava isles' common chests had a 50% chance to give 1 Zenith Stone, and the rare and mythic chests respectively 2 and 3 Zenith Stones.

This means our player would get 1460 * ((1+2+3)/3) * .5 = 1460 Zenith Stones each year,
by which our ideal player does not earn enough to max out a single hero.

Now let's assume all lava isles' chest respected their difficulty, meaning the most commonly tried isle, lava isle 3, would have a 50% chance to drop 3 Zenith Stones in a common chest, 6 in a rare and 9 in a mythic chest.

In this example, our player would earn 1460 * ((3+6+9)/3) * .5 = 4380 Zenith Stones.
This is enough for 4380/1630 = 2.69 maxed heroes!

While this seems like a lot of Zenith Stones, keep in mind it is a year's work of perfect effort to achieve this, without any losses and high luck. It would take around 5 months to acquire one maxed hero, while a pay to play could get these benefits for heroes in a few days. This keeps the benefit of paying for these stones high while also making the breakthrough feature a reliable feature for the rest of the players.

Now the Igniting stones. We need 4285 of these to max a single hero. If we want the same ratio quantity/year, we strife for 4285*2.69= 11.527 Igniting Stones each year.

As the warden challenge was just added and it already gives Igniting Stones to the top 10, I believe this can become the gamemode for us to hoard these. It is a weekly event, meaning a total of 52 rewards each year.

I think the top 10 should earn a high amount of these stones, as most if not all of these players are heavy pay to plays and have little use for little amounts. 400-600 would fit this perfectly as it is above what we strife for, yet well earned for those who reach it. The top 100 should also earn more than needed (mostly pay to plays, so they have more reason to actually buy stones earlier so they can earn more) 300 Igniting stones would do the job.
Than until the top 10,000 players should earn 100-200 Igniting stones. This would mean they would earn either enough to max 2 or 1 hero each year. Lastly, the standard honor badges should be replaced for standard Igniting stones, for those player who are starting out. These can be quite low, around the 20.

I'm sure these ideas might sound ridiculous at first, yet in my opinion it is where the game should be at after all these years of neglet to the rewards.

I might assert other items/rewards in the future.