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[Suggestion] Updated Rewards - Feedback

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Posted on 3/15/19 11:47:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So again these "Feedback" threads are generally a requested solicitation from IGG for members to render their opinions, however in this case it is more of a voluntary offering of member's opinions.

I'll start, there were some subtle changes to the rewards system that I noticed so far such as; the first reward bonus in WG & Mesa, a slight shift in the rewards for ThunderGod's Gift and Pirate's Booty as well as the slight increase of fame and honor badges for GuildWars.  However; I personally feel that these slight (although appreciated) changes do not begin to effectively scratch the surface of what is needed to balance the game.

In an effort to prevent a wall of text, what I am basically trying to express is that while I personally understand that most of IGG's vehicles are primarily P2P, "Castle Clash" was released as an F2P friendly environment and as such all resources available should be obtainable in amounts sufficient for continous growth in a reasonable timeframe via normal gameplay.

Not only is this not possible, most of the newest resources not only require insane amounts for max leveling, but are not available ingame except via purchases.  Throwing 1 lvl 9 Talent Rune here and there does not meet the requirement when it takes 10 to bump one talent of a (6) hero team.  Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident, Karmic Rocks, Break Through Stones, Gold Essence / Books, Soulstones for newer heroes all are almost non-exsistent except via purchase or as part of the excessive bonus gifts for purchases.

The F2P community clearly understands that there should be a benefit to financially supporting the game as well as that it is that financial support that faciliates their existence in the Castle Clash world, however that does not mean that the concerns of the F2P community should not be addressed.  It is the co-existence of both communities that has made this game a 5+yr success, and I dare say many would hope to see it around for a long time to come, however that can only happen with proper management.

Sadly, these are not issues that have not been brought to the attention of IGG as evidenced by the previous "[Suggestion] Rewards - Feedback".  Having said that I invite everyone to voice your opinions and concerns, hopefully that will be heard and effectively addressed.


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Posted on 3/16/19 1:28:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Honestly for me those rewards does not really mean. in all one level  7 crest willl not affect the f2p give chance to the f2p to be inspired as we  all know all f2p play hard in the game. to catch up with p2p the question is? how long does an f2p need to play to get his first level 8 insignia crest? 5 years , 10 years? if u look at the p2p warehouse they have 100 of insignia
how can u let it happened? f2p don't have even 1 in their warehouse they play hard over 5 years?

look p2p-dont know where to use their extra stuff in the warehouse.
       f2p-play hard to get some good stuff?to stay in the game.


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Posted on 3/16/19 3:37:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not f2p, but I would agree IGG need to do something about the rewards. I can buy 400k fame + 1.5m shards worth of slimes + 24 red runes today for $20, which is at least a year's worth of rewards for playing the game. Good for me, you might think. But then I ask myself - what am I buying the resources for? If there's no point playing any game modes, because $20 will get me the resources I "need", what is the point in levelling up heroes to compete in them? And so I'm keeping the $20 in my pocket today.

Posted on 3/16/19 3:48:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As a general principle, I think the latest innovations (e.g. those new 21-30 breakthrough stones at the moment) should remain largely the preserve of the game's funders for a while, with f2p having a few opportunities to grab a little bit here and there with luck. But as those things start coming down in price in the bazaar then the availability to f2p should increase commensurately.

Once you can buy meaningful levels of a resource for $10, it should be possible to get meaningful levels of it from the game with reasonable effort and time (and not only by luck). That includes things like skelly and demogorgon soul stones, by the way, and other heroes that hit the $10 packs such as DK and BM. It'sridiculous that the dragons are available to any $10 spender, but completely elusive to f2p except by massive fluke in TG hammer game.

Posted on 3/16/19 3:52:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree that more needs to be done to make every game mode accessible to all players. It's understandable if spending money earns you access to a part of the game more quickly, or even an exclusive Hero here or there. But I think the reason that the game is at a point of almost uniform dissatisfaction (to the extent that IGG is updating rewards, which is saying something) is that there have been more and more exclusive aspects of the game that aren't accessible to F2P players whatsoever, without any rewards reworks to try to accomplish this. I genuinely hope this is exactly what IGG is trying to fix with these most recent reworks, but currently it leaves a lot to be desired.

So essentially, we need Breakthrough stones to be more obtainable through existing game modes. We need Lv9 Talent Runes and high-ish level Insignias available through existing game modes. We're not asking for handouts. We want to earn our rewards. We just need rewards worth earning...

Posted on 3/16/19 12:35:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

A lot of CC is largely (IMO) individual based and the few game modes that are group or cooperative in nature are fewer. The disparity in player power levels prevents F2P players from participating in successively more difficult challenges (Team Dungeons & Team Here be Monsters) due to the competitive nature and desire to successfully complete the challenges for rewards. This is understandable but it creates an environment where not everyone has equal opportunity to access the game modes and features. 

Arid Ruins is also semi-cooperative but is a tiered reward process that doesn't scale well. The biggest complaint is people leaving early. I mentioned this in a previous post but I believe this is because the rewards for the tiers are not incentivized enough to encourage play through all 5 tiers. It is faster to complete tier 1 and collect those rewards because the time investment for all 5 is greater but the rewards is not worth the effort. 

Something else I would like to see is base expansion. Some new buildings like new towers (Ballista, Shot gun, Nets, spheres of invulnerability for buildings, etc..), alchemy building (converts excess mana/gold into mana/gold packs), crest splitting, and 2-4 more hero bases. I think that base raiding right now is all about hero power, there's very little in raiding anymore where the base actually matters. Walls cause some pathing but over all the heroes just blow through and it's all about hero survivability.  Technique and skill is down to character design with talent/insignia selections.

Posted on 3/16/19 1:40:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you, FirstLady to make this thread.
Please consider below my opinion,

1. Since playing this game, I didn't see (or maybe I forget) any other place to get Team HbM Card (WG/IS) except from Trade Merrits (warehouse) or spend gems in bazaar sometimes.
Not another arena battle, like Team Dungeon (Mesa/Lava), HbM and Heroes Trial, almost every day we can grab them from completing Quest Boards, even from events for $0.99 you can get ten Team Dungeon card from there (but still not friendly for F2P).
I wish IGG can improve reward with Team HbM card, it may be every 3 clear Expert Dungeon on Quest Board, and or another battle mode rewards.

2. Discount Store events.. today is my surprise, I have CC 5 accounts in my device, 4 of them giving me 10% discount, and only one gives 20%.. how awesome my surprise with that. IGG should limit the lowest discount at least at 50% and the highest would be 99%, it not going to make IGG collapse.
Beside of that concern. most of the items required to exchange the coins, which is coin(s) mean only for P2P players.

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Posted on 3/17/19 1:38:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i just logged in the game and got free st patrick in the game android server ... and wondering why you not give windows server?


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Posted on 3/17/19 2:28:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In previous GW, my guild came 2nd, i scored 3.7k points, my might is 260k and i received only 1.4k fame. Didn't i should have got fame around 2.5k? i mean a per updated gw reward, 2nd guild will get 2.7k fame. Can anyone explain why is that?