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[Suggestion] Updated Rewards - Feedback

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Posted on 3/23/19 12:58:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I do agree, f2p is a lot harder to progress on, but you can get high level insignias now where you never could.   I spent over two years building my first level 5 revite crest set, but now I get level 8 insignias from Pirates Booty and Discount Store.  To me I think the hardest thing to get is still fame, but the changes to Pirates Booty makes it easier to level up destiny than ever before.  I have a 23 day F2P account at 55K might with multiple fully inscribed heroes that are 11/11 already.  It's a work in progress, but it has gotten a LOT easier than it was.

Posted on 3/23/19 3:17:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I totaly suport your opinion First Lady, just wanted to point it

Posted on 3/24/19 3:30:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys, it's me again...

This is my second post in this feedback ( i don't know how to edit my first post ) sorry about that.

I do have an idea for quest board rewards

For finishing the quest we got  honor/ books/ slimes

My idea is for finishing the quest we got  ( quest chest ) , the no. of chests increases by might
Starting with 1 chest for low might up to 6 chests for high might players.

The quest chests like that:

Quest chest  this one gives
10 fame   +  one random items  from this ( karmic rock 1  / HBM card  /  dungeon card  )

Rare chest this one gives
20 fame  + one random items from this  (1 karmic rock ||  / 2 igniting stone/ 1 zenith stone  )

Mythic chest this one gives
50 fame + one random items from this  ( karmic rock ||| /  3 igniting stone/ 2 zenith stone)

The quality of the chests you get depending on the fast you finish the quest

First 10 minutes  = mythic chests

From 10 to 30 minutes = rare chests

More than 30 minutes = quest chests


Hope you guys like this idea

Posted on 3/26/19 3:14:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I did this late that's why this is short

The hero's trial  is supposed to give a hero's card   I've been doing it daily several years with our a card but I would be fine if it was just me but it seems like slot of people have the same issue of a super low chance to get the hero  on top of that vs all the p2p except for storm the hero's are outdated  and the difficulty is way to high people just use anubis to one shot  the entire trial

I have not touch lost realm much it is very time consuming  the daily blue crystals I get from collecting I could make just as easy from 100000 gold in a random market they give just crests . Instead of doing lost realm I wait till pirates booty for the prime bags. And insignia bags  because even if you can get 4level  5 insignia you need the stone to upgrade I don't know a way to get that f2p off the top of my head

I was really disappointed with igg for rosaleen because how they had worded it sounded like we would compete with p2p to Rosaleen first from the wardens event so I was looking forward to that event   but not 2 days later rosaleen bags started showing up in bazaars and the rate you got Rosales soulstones really killed wardens for me it would take time give poor rewards ad instead of fair footing vs p2p  they could just bypass any need to do wardens by  buying rosaleen from a bazaar there is no other sought after reward from wardens the gAme box and runes  the top ones(lvl 9 runes are picked up by p2p and f2p get normal talent runes

Sorry if this is not coherent and I'm f2p

YouTube saberath 2
Posted on 3/28/19 3:14:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

A huge advancement in this game imo would be that developers actually respond to certain threads/ideas. Sure, they imply they read some of it ("community update/feedback";) yet they fail to make us believe they understand players. Thus leading us to believe that JT's
 video about them (basically: IGG are money pricks) might be the actual truth. Without their "descend down to earth" to come talk to us, these threads, however thoughtful, will remain ineffective.

Posted on 3/31/19 12:50:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Suggestions for improvement for rewards:

1) 1000 igniting stones and 400 zenith stones per guild wars for first place in addition to current rewards. Rewards to scale/increase with higher might 2) Fortress feud 2000 igniting stones and 800 zenith stones for first place in addition to current rewards. Rewards to scale/increase with higher might 3) lava 4 give 80 igniting stones per drop  and level 9 runes 4) is4 30 zenith stones per drop and level 9 runes  5) new breakthrough stones to level to bt 30 give out for arena, labryinth, warden challenge and archdemon 6) boss fight rewards give out level 9 talent runes, 200 igniting stones, 50 zenith stones and 5k fame 7) igniting and zenith stones to be added to daily login, and quest board. 8) REWARDS TO BE UPDATED EVERY 2 MONTHS

are you not entertained?