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[Suggestion] Updated Rewards - Feedback

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Posted on 4/13/19 5:57:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am a f2p player, I have been playing for about three years. I have what I consider a good team of hero's but I can not compete in the game today. There use to be a challenge and skill to the game but now I struggle just to stay on the same page as the new p2p players. Constant defeat, no hope of rolling a new hero and pointless subgames that I can't win have destroyed it. Every player wants a challenge but a constant walkover because you have a bigger bank balance, what chalange is there in that. I agree with most of the points on this thread and hope that the future direction of the game is more balanced.  Like Gandhi I will offer no resistance and remove my heros from my base when not online,  fill your boots if you need resources but a walkover victory offers very little satisfaction.

Keep on gaming fellow clashers.

Posted on 4/15/19 12:32:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

All exp and shard is easly available but fame is more difficult to earn.For all heroes till now fame required is 84,00,000 .Every month igg update a new hero that requires 107,800 fame but a f2p play found monthly around 20000-30000 fame then how many year they upgrade max level to all so add event that found fame like wise shard found in sweep of dungeon and hbm.

Posted on 4/17/19 2:06:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good day! Before I begin, I would like to say that I agree with FirstLady regarding this matter. Furthermore, F2P players are struggling to keep up with the proper upgrades for their heroes - this is because the F2P community lacks the resources needed for progress. The necessary items for upgrading heroes aren't accesible in various game modes. But, it can only be obtained through game events (Pirate Booty and the like) or by purchasing them with real world money (Bazaar). P2P players, on the other hand, can easily access these things by of course, buying it with real world money. Here are my thoughts on how we can, somehow, maintain the game's 5+ years success.

Daily rewards should be updated. The items there are things that can, somehow, only help if you're a newbie. However, when you're already progressing, those items won't help very much as they used to in the beginning. What IGG can do here is to replace it with better rewards wherein players can use it long-term. My suggestions would be:
• Reward higher amounts of gems.
• Give apex crystals, igniting stones, and the like as rewards with a decent amount for greater progress of each accounts.
• Instead of legendary hero cards, why not reward Prime Hero Cards?
• Also, when you consecutively login for lots of days, the "Sign-in completed" reward should also improve.

We all know that IGG keeps on creating new game modes for us to play. However, rewards there are obsolete, and can't help much to progress. The rewards in these game modes should be updated:
• Team Dungeons (Storm Mesa & Lava Isle)
• Team Here Be Monsters
• Torch Battle
• Guild Wars
• Arena (Squad Showdown, Expedition, and all arena game modes)
• Castle Crisis (Blue Demon Boss)
• Lost Realm and Labyrinth
• Arid Ruins

If ever I miss a game mode, please inform me to add it. Some game modes here have been introduced to us a long time ago. Rewards then were good and are very necessary for hero upgrades (Merits, Fame, etc.). The rewards then were vital to keep up and sustain the needs of a hero to survive the meta. Today, these rewards are given in a high amount when you buy them with real money in the Bazaar packs.

Imagine, 500 Fame Box III for $20? That's insane! Guild War rewards are "NAH" compared to that. Where's the excitement and thrill then? What would you do in various game modes with the same amount of rewards when it was released and until today, it's the same? It's boring. It should be dynamic. Keep up with what the players need!

If CC wants to maintain this 5+ year success, they should show balance and fairness to the players. Bazaar packs contain items mostly for the P2P players. F2P players, on the other hand, must spend a lot of time and high amounts of gems to get items from "Spend Items for Packs" and the like. In addition, please also update the given items in these packs. They're already behind!

Always do the things that make you happy, as long as it's right, good and will benefit the many.
Posted on 4/18/19 2:56:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have never posted comment before or passed opinion however i feel a need to say something pertaining to this topic. I wi  start with I agree with the majority that has been voiced in this forum to date and do empathise with all f2p and minor p2p (which i am) concerns on the disparity of the ability to progress in the game due to the current rewards regime. It seems that by being frugal with the rewards, CC has inadvertantly created a basic socialist class order, with the upper echelon progressing quickly and ultimately tiring of playing most facets of the game through lack of need, and the lower class tiring through unadulterated frustration  at not being able to progress in a timely manner.
A possible solution may be (disclaimer: i am writing as i am thinking therefore have not thought of all possible ripple effects) create divisions that marry up to the different classes. A division would include players of similar might for example, thus making it competitive, and the rewards for being successful in the division would allow for progression to the next division. I know it already happens somewhat through rank, however it doesn't really happen in game, which would allow for greater control over the rewards mechanisms and timely progression.
What this looks in actuality i am not really sure of, however as a concept that obviously needs some further thought, it might be a plausable option that done right could keep all entertained, which i believe is the main goal of a game.

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