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[Suggestion] Updated Rewards - Feedback

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Posted on 4/19/19 6:27:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

May i suggest if possible, to further increase the interest of players in CC, 1) arid ruins rewards be change specifically the soulstone heroes. Beast tamer, medussa, etc. May i suggest change them to soulstone heroes who are hard to obtain or dragon heroes such as artica demo and skel; 2) if IGG can, create 2 platforms. One for P2P or P2W and the other to F2P. I know a lot of guildmates and friends who quit CC because for F2p players, the gap is getting bigger and bigger and as for P2P players, (specially veteran players) the heroes, whom they bought for $99 are now offered for $4.99. And talents that were so expensive to buy then are now almost obsolete. 3) trading some no-use legendary heroes to better heroes or dragons. (e.g 4 legendary devo heroes like snow, pixie, paladin, immortep to 1 demo, or 4 +1 same heroes named + ghoulem for a skel. Or 3 devo heroes to 1 level 4 legendary heroes.)of course the better the target hero or dragon, the more heroes to trade or sacrifice. Atleast in this way players are to invest devoing their not so good heroes just to get a better hero or a dragon. And f2p players can have a lil chance to fight a p2p. Coz f2p players have a 1in a million chance to get a lavanica. So much to suggest but that would be for now. Thank you