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[Suggestion] Superior Traits Activation Improvement

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Posted on 8/18/19 11:25:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Okay, speaking as someone with multiple accounts and who is easily irritated by needlessly complex repetitive actions that are slow and annoying to complete, can we PLEASE get a way to make it easier to activate those things?

A one touch button to activate the Superior Traits on ALL Heroes it can be activated on, or at least a way to scroll through them without having to back out of the activation screen would be perfect.

Because it was a massive pain in the butt to do this just on my main account. I had to go in, pick the Hero, activate it, wait to make sure it worked due to that specific feature lagging for whatever reason, back out, go to the next one, and repeat that until they were all done.

It was slow, annoying, and felt like a huge waste of time. Doing that for all of my accounts would be too much of a nuisance, to the point that I simply haven't.

I admit, I'll probably eventually break down and do it, but after it took almost fifteen minutes just to handle my main account I have had no desire at all to do it again. I would like to have it active on them all, but... not worth the hassle, just yet.

That's it. Just a simple request to make this a little less frustrating.

Ok, sure.


Move along, please.
Posted on 8/19/19 9:34:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Whilst I feel your frustration, & agree with your suggestion, perhaps there is an easier way for you to get those done, that you may have overlooked?

Here's what I mean:
* Rather than "closing" the Traits tab, switch to "Main info" tab, press the next or previous arrows, tab back to Traits, activate, switch to Main Info tab, and repeat until you're all done.

On multiple accounts, it'll still be a boring repetitive action, but perhaps it may save you a bit of time this way.

Good luck with your petition.

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