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[Suggestion] Let's make sense of the superior traits

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Posted on 8/19/19 2:56:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

We wanted to report the new mode traits the new method of activating the enchantment 6 or 7 is not well balanced.
In the new mode IGG traits, we have six level 5 traits that are all the same to activate a higher enchantment and Eight to activate a level 7 enchantment.
But if a player wants to make a mixed hero in the traits can never activate a higher level enchantment.
It would not be better to allow you to activate the enchantment even with 3 accuracy and 3 dodge = 6 traits level 5 or 4 accuracy and 4 dodge = 8 traits livel 5 or 3 accuracy and 5 dodge = 8 traits level 5.

A single hero with eight same traits doesn't make sense unless IGG flies hours into fights with only heroes who have hyper-miss with full dodge!

Thank you so much for your collaboration for this game problem.

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Posted on 8/19/19 3:16:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not to support or criticize your suggestion but lots of members have a full set of one specific trait and even more do attempt to achieve this scenario.  However I do get what you are saying, the current requirements are very limiting in the potential to increase the levels.


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Posted on 8/19/19 7:19:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

TL;DR Version:
I agree it needs to be less restricting, but either way it'd still be so expensive that I don't think it'd much matter to the average player.

Explained Version:
While I don't really disagree with anything FL said, I think very limiting is an understatement, TBH. It's TOO limiting, IMO.

So I do support opening this up in some way, even if I'm unlikely to ever really take advantage of it.

As it stands, Traits are just too expensive on the high end for me to think it worthwhile to toss almost 2,000 gems per roll at it in almost all cases. Superior Traits are even worse, with just how lucky you have to be to get matching 5 star Superior Traits, since they can't be locked.

This means I'm unlikely to ever get an L7 Enchantment and any L6 I get will probably be exceedingly rare, even if the mechanic is changed to make it less restrictive. In other words, my dislike of this is more academic than practical.

As I see it, it's another issue similar to most people's complaints about Wardens, before they just gave up and adjusted to the new paradigm. It forces you to play a certain way (use this mix of Heroes and that single Trait) or you lose out on bonuses that you may NEED to be able to compete.

It's another thing that limits our choices on how to play, and I don't like artificial limits that force me into a certain style of play. I like choices. It's why I still preferred the Artifacts over Wardens. It gave me more choices, rather than limiting them.

One of the things I loved about this game was the way it gave you choices about how you build your Heroes and Teams, without forcing you to play a certain way or be penalized for it. The move from Artifacts to Wardens changed that, and now this is following in a similar vein.

However, as I said, to me this is more an academic dislike than a practical one. If it changes, great. If not... it honestly wouldn't really affect me (and, I think, most average players) that much, anyway.

Ok, sure.


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Posted on 8/20/19 12:23:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is my take on Superior traits (not Enchantment leveling and bonuses cause those just suck!):

1. The Superior traits addition is REALLY good. I mean, the 3x normal traits stat addition is like off-the-chain good!

2. Rather than what IGG is peddling with the Enchantment leveling, I see Superior traits as the BEST way to create Hybrid Traits for my Heroes.

6x same level 5 traits, has always been expensive. And since Im not in the habit of just buying expensive things for the sake of its price tag, I've never really cared to get all 6 traits the same anyways. I was fine with getting 4 x same level 5 normal traits & whatever other random traits I could roll on the other 2 free slots. {never lock slots 5&6.. too expensive!}

But now, since the Superior Traits were introduced, and since they only cost 300 gems per roll, & considering their 3xnormal traits multiplier, I'm thoroughly satisfied with creating a blend of traits that are complementary to my Hero's needs. Eg. 4x level 5 normal Dodge + 2x level 3 Superior Acc traits.

I mean this quite literally offers me the BEST of both worlds, and it won't cost as much, in theory, as rolling all 6 or even 8 traits of the same kind at level 5.

So, until IGG comes up with a more efficient reason to convince me otherwise, I'm sticking to my Hybrid builds.

The end! :P

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Posted on 8/20/19 12:24:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ps.s. @FirstLady: do you use LINE chat? And do you play on the Android server?

It would be my great pleasure to raid your base :D

Guild: Iron-will {Top 80}
Recruiting Warriors: 150k - 850k Might
LINE: talib.qweli (ID)
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