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[Suggestion] Idea for new "rolling heroes with gems" system.

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Posted on 8/22/19 3:19:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Folks.

I want to share my idea of new way to roll heroes with gems with you.

Currently it is really difficult to find new hero we don't have (if we are missing few or even more), since there is a lot's of heroes in game and chances of rolling new one are lowering with each update (no, i don't think IGG is lowering chances of getting new heroes, just each new hero need space, so it takes a tiny bit of space from all legendary heroes currently available in game).
To be more clear, if we had 5 heroes to pick, we had 20% for each hero to be rolled. But if there is 5 more, 10 in total, than those chances are automatically lowered to 10% for each hero (we are assuming all heroes have equal chances just to explain). So each update makes rolling specific legendary hero harder and harder and more frustrating for many players.
Right now we 65 Legendary heroes (more or less) + 9 Elite heroes + 8 Ordinary heroes + 3 slimes to roll with gems. That's a lot. And more are coming, which will reduce chances even more and more.

What if all heroes would be divided into, for example, 3 groups with similar amount if available heroes to roll. In each group we would have all slimes, all green and blue heroes, but only 1/3rd of legendary heroes which wouldn't be repeating in any other groups? Of course to be fair, new should be available with old, and each new hero should be added to different group than previous hero. Like next hero would be added to first group, another one to second and next to third group. After that another hero would be added again to first group and so on and on and on.
Those groups would be either picked randomly (random heroes to random group) or it can be separated by belonging to a specific Warden - Oracle heroes to Oracle Warden, Saint heroes to  Saint Warden, and Brawler heroes to Brawler Warden.

What would change ? This way we cold have bigger control over what we want to find and rolling would be less frustrating. But still you need to remember that there is 9.97% chance to roll legendary hero from 150 and 450 gems roll, right ? This will be same, only chances of rolling specific heroes would be increased, cause there would be less legendary heroes in each pool.

So what do you think of this idea ? Do you like it or you think this is bad idea ?
Share your opinion !!!

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Posted on 8/22/19 3:24:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I havet got any new hero for all a yrar

Posted on 8/22/19 3:37:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Honestly, this is a very solid suggestion. 
It does increase the chance to roll a specific hero you are looking for, but only at the expense to not be able to roll any heroes from the other two warden populations. 
If you would be able to manually switch between rolling either in one of the warden populations or the regular rolling system, it gives a little touch of "control" back to the players who find themself surrendered to the random gamble like chances. 
Well rounded, both beneficial for players and IGG. You got my vote!

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Posted on 8/22/19 4:11:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Honestly, breaking the heroes into groups is only a nominal improvement as the system would still be random, and you could possibly still roll more of the greens, blues or less desirable heroes then the one you are actually aiming for.  Next thing to ponder is what incentive does IGG really have to implement something like this?  It really doesn't matter how much we like it or not if IGG can not see a benefit it more then likely will not be implemented.  Having said that....Good Luck!


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Posted on 8/22/19 7:16:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Its a great idea!! I'm for it 100%!!

It would make rolling for heroes a lil less frustrating and this works very well from a Clashers perspective...

However, from IGG's side..cost benefit ratio, your idea, against their current system, what's in it for them to gain?

Clashers are more satisfied cause they get, much easily, their hero of choice, but that also means, the demand for gems reduces significantly!

Less gem purchases, less money they make.

IGG would have to be, on this one, very willing to lose more than they'll gain.

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