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[Suggestion] Suggestion for... Forum Suggestions~

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Posted on 8/22/19 4:04:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to suggest a voting system to be implemented on suggestion threads on this forum. 
I have  the idea IGG really takes into account what the community wants. That doesn't mean they will blindly do what we ask for, but at least take our ideas into consideration. 
To help them finding the priorities for the players, we vote on made suggestions to show the general interest in such changes. 
Make it a little bit more structural, so to speak. 

This is a example screenshot of the Mojang Minecraft suggestion forum where people are able to vote made suggestions. At the glimpse of an eye it is possible for the creators to see what the community desires. They respond in their turn by putting suggestions either "Under review" or "Announced". Both really rare and only for the top most voted suggestions. "Under review" means they are obviously reviewing it and "Announced" means it will for sure be implemented in one of the following updates. 

If this would be possible, then good suggestions might not go forgotten and "bad" suggestions will get filtered away, so IGG will be more tempted to use our feedback. 
I got the idea they required more structural feedback because of the FB-spreadsheets they recently uploaded for people to give their opinion. 

What do you think? Give your opinion! 
Question for the mods: Would this at all be possible? Is there a IGG IT-team that would be able to implement this on the forum? 

Thanks! :)

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Posted on 8/22/19 4:13:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good idea, although all we can do now is just comment our opinion, but since we can make polls i think it is possible to add poll system to suggestion threads.

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Posted on 8/22/19 4:27:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Question for the mods:
Would this at all be possible? Is there a IGG IT-team that would be able to implement this on the forum?

Yes this is certainly within the capability of IGG's IT team, however the real question is "Will IGG be willing to invest the time and energy into this when they are actually promoting WeGamers as a replacement for the forum(s)?


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