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[Suggestion] Stop Adding New Heroes, Pets, Talents, Enchantments... Mostly.

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Posted on 10/7/19 5:48:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So as the title says, that's my suggestion. Explain? Well... okay, I guess I can do that.

Okay, so we have enough Heroes, now. In fact, arguably we have too many Heroes, at this point in time.

Now, I'm not saying stop adding new Heroes entirely. That would likely mean bad things for everyone.

What I'm suggesting is to make it special! Say a new gem roll Hero every three months instead of every month. Give us time to start really wanting it.

I've reached the point where I see a new Hero, shrug, and continue on about my day. I'm in no huge hurry to get it. If I do, that's nice... if I don't? Oh well, it'll happen eventually or I'll just buy it when it gets cheap (another reason to dislike Bazaars, what a surprise!).

A new Hero used to feel like a big thing that could be game changing. Now, between all the new Heroes, Pets, Talents, and Enchantments coming out on a regular basis it has started to feel like just another thing. No big deal, you know?

This would not include Event Heroes and Dragons, by the way. That doesn't mean throw out an Event Hero every month, though, IGG. :ermm:

Same goes for Pets, Talents, and Enchantments. No more than four per year, excluding Event Pets. Each one would be set on alternating months.

Say January we get a Hero. February we get a Talent. March we get a Pet. April we get an Enchantment. May we get another Hero. Repeat ad infinitum. Maybe make an exception for Heroes or Pets (never both, unless it is naturally their month) on major Holidays, like Valentine's, Halloween, and Christmas when we usually got a themed Hero.

That way we'll never have a Hero/Pet/Talent/Enchantment come out at the same time as any other, except for special occasions, while still having something new every month to possibly get excited about.

This serves two purposes.

One, it slows down the bloat. This game is getting bigger and bigger with every update, and it's only gotten worse now that Pets/Talents/Enchantments seem to be a regularly released thing. Slowing that down is a good thing.

Two, it still gives us something new to play with every month, while slowing the aforementioned bloat. This way we can get excited about that one thing, instead of having four things to mostly meh about.

Just my opinion, though. Can't speak for everyone.

Ok, sure.


Move along, please.
Posted on 10/7/19 9:04:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

When I saw the title my first thought was "Good Luck With That One", but after reading your post I find them to be well thought out and am actually hoping IGG will see the pure logic of it all. +10


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Posted on 10/8/19 2:55:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As much as you have some solid points, there are also some points, which will make this difficult to be made.
1. Company must earn, without new content there well be losses, and financial report is what is deciding about future of project, and one from mode/hero/pet a month might be just not enough,
2. Some of P2P might get bored waiting for something new, and they will search for different game, and this is not good for any game,
3. This is good for F2P and minor P2P, since they would have more time to find and develop that hero, and get res for more,
So as much as it can be good for some of us, it may not be that good for IGG.
Good luck anyway. :)

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Posted on 10/10/19 10:32:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice suggestion and i agree with you!!Although igg is a company and must earn money!I dont agree with cichomeniak in part ''p2p might get bored" bcz they wait something new,yes,but if something new shows off(hero,talent) etc they have it from the first or second date and it will be maxed!!so probably they will get bored again!!My opinion is since they make the bazzars so cheap with much rewards,many get bored and quit bcz there is no point for gw,ff etc!Thats all!!