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[Suggestion] Narcia / My Thoughts

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Posted on 10/31/21 11:32:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't understand why large guilds, who have received all the rewards Narcia has to offer, have to keep attacking small guilds during the last 24 hours.  My suggestion for IGG is to lock out the top 4-6 guilds for the last day.  Then, at least, small guilds like ours can enjoy the event.  

We never, since Narcia started, have had the chance to enjoy Narcia success.  

For example, this current Narcia, we take a few resource tiles and Force Team freaks out - long after they've received all Narcia's rewards.  We make an alliance with FazeCC (they approached us) and then they betray what they said and we're stuck with almost nothing.

I can tell you, in our line app, there are a lot of angry comments. 

So, lock IC 600+ level guilds out for the last day and let the small guilds achieve some semblance of success.

Posted on 11/1/21 1:09:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If I might be so bold.....but how about amending your suggestion to lock out every guild that achieves all potential prizes *as soon as they have achieved them instead of just the last 24hrs.*.  This might afford the lower might / participation guilds to acquire more prizes before the event ends.

On another note: Alliances are made among various guilds on a regular basis, however IGG has no part in them nor the betrayals that often occur.

Finally, if you post on forum whatever you post is subject to commentary from anyone who so chooses, so please don't check the box locking replies.  Good Luck!


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