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[Guides] [5/10/14] HBM Complete Guide -- Hero & Base Selection & MORE

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Hello there my fellow Castle Clashers!

We have all seen about a million threads on which bases to use for HBM, threads on what five heroes to use, which talents/skills to level up or get, and etc.  And many themselves have probably helped others in these threads or created one and gave/recieved adequate advice. But we also see a lot of trolls posting in these threads and causing a lot of confusion for the OP. We also don't see a lot of help or advice for people who are just starting out, only have elites and ordinaries, or are lower level. For this reason, I have created this guide to help consolidate a lot of these frequent questions into one thread for F2P and P2P alike.


I. HBM? What's that?

II. Bases

III. Towers

IV. Troops

V. Hero Selection

1. Best Ordinary Team

2. Best Ordinary/Elite Team

3. Best F2P Legendary Team

4. Absolute Best HBM Team

I. HBM? What's that?:

This might sound like a silly question to most but I see a lot of new players not even knowing that it exists. When I first started in October(ish) on my first account, I had Level 60/80 Elites and had not even known HBM existed until I saw videos of people doing and even then I had to figure out how to get to it in the game. (lol).

HBM stands for Here be Monsters. It is a special mode of gameplay in Castle Clash that can be reach by clicking on the large blue portal located in upper portion of the map when viewing your base.

When clicking the portal you will be presented with a selections of "letters" from A through J -- each of these represent an increasing difficulty.

After selecting a difficulty (A being the easiest and only one to be available at first -- the following difficulty is unlocked only if you sucessfully completed the previous one once) your base will be attacked by a series of five waves. Each wave is made out of a team of heroes and a variety of troops with each wave become increasingly difficult, especially the 5th wave which always has a special hero exclusive to HBM, the "Dino", who is extremely strong.

Completing each wave will give you an amount of gold, mana, or exp -- randomly choosing between the three. In addition, if you sucessfully beat all 5 waves, you are also rewarded with a set amount of shards that starts at 10 on A, and increases by 5 for every following level (B gives 15, C gives 20, and so on).

You have no control over your heroes and base once you begin HBM nor can you use any spells. That being said, the goal of HBM is to create a base that can withstand each wave and to use the approriate heroes.


First off, I'd like to redirect you to the following thread located HERE. This is an excellent list of bases at all TH levels compiled by moderator @intimidatingjay. Thank him for the great thread.

What a GOOD HBM Base Requires:

1. A long pathway(s) for waves to follow to their target building that allows for towers and heroes to take them down ideally before their target is destroyed -- Your base should not be closed off by walls but instead have entrances into it that will lead them into a position to be easily destroyed. Having a closed off base will lead to the enemies attacking whatever they want. You want them to target something inside of your base and by using your walls to make them take the longest route possible to get to it - giving you ample time for your heroes and towers to attack.

2. To direct aggro of enemies to towers/vaults -- Different buildings hold aggro differently then others. When enemies attack Towers, Mana Vaults/Mills, Gold Vaults/Mines, they will continue to attack them even if your heroes are attacking them at the same time. Other buildings do not share this quality. The rest of your buildings should be outside of your base and far enough away that your heroes do not jump over your walls and attack them; if so the enemies will begin to attack your hero.

Once all the buildings outside of your base are destroyed (don't worry they always will be), they wall target the closest building inside of your base and start heading to your base following the predetermined path (as dicussed in #1) you created giving your heroes time to attack them while they are getting to the building and while they are attacking it as well.

NOTE: There must be atleast 4 "spaces", as in the length of four individiual walls, in between a building and the outermost wall protecting it for a ranged unit to not be able to attack it.

3. To be hero-centric -- Being that only the listed above buildings hold aggro, you need to make sure that your hero bases are centered in your base and that no matter where the wave spawns on the map, they will target a building in your base that is surrounding your hero bases. This will make insure your heroes do not get killed nearly instantly.

My Base Recommendations

These are the bases that I have used my self extensively as well as have seen much approval of by many other players.

For TH 12 & Below -- A Corner Setup or A Small Box Setup or an adjusted accordingly to # of towers/walls Basic Diamond Base. I have found that the corner setup is the easiest to setup and use before TH 10. Between 10-12, Diamond and Corner have performed quite similiarly so choose to your liking. A small box is also feasible but not really possible to make until TH 12 as shown in the example but I still reccomend a corner or small diamond setup over any box at this level.

For TH 13 -- Basic Diamond For TH 13, with 4 towers, you can begin to use nice base designs but with not that many walls I have found that a simple diamond base works the best as opposed to any type of box-shaped base (the path around a diamond at this level is much better than a box)

For TH 14-16 -- 40:1 Excellent base. There is also a TH 17 version - I highly recommend this one over anything at this level TH. It has amazing pathing, it isn't just a modified diamond but has seemingly small differences that have a large impact.

For TH 17 -- Modified Death Box I continue to use this now having beat F, G, and H using it. Recommended for G and below though. It has work better than anything else for me for G. For H there are much better bases though that include more buildings such as this one.

For TH 18+ --  Caixa Mod'ed 3.0-3.1 is excellent for H -- 3.0 is for 5 bases and 3.1 for 6 bases; there are also TH 17 & 16 versions but I reccomend the TH 18 especially. I also have an example of a really nice TH 18+ Diamond base that includes a lot of buildings but at the moment I cannot find it but I will post it later!

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For HBM A & B -- I recommend Cannon Towers as they have long range right off the bat and can basically one hit all of the troops each time a bomb is shot. This earlier on their low hp, inability of attacking flying units, and lack of a specific target doesn't not matter much.

For HBM C -- Here you can go, all arrow towers/all cannons/or 2 of each. All of the waves have no flying units so cannon towers are still viable especially if you do not have good AoE dmg heroes - they will take out the low hp troops for you and let your heroes not waste their attacks on troops and attack the heros. But enemies start to hit a bit harder now so cannons die a lot quicker so I reccomend a mix of both. If you got good AoE go all arrows, lacking any AoE go all cannons unless you find you they kill your towers too quick, and if your not really sure go with a mix since it really will be the last time you use anything but Arrow towers.

For HBM E through J -- All Arrow Towers.


You really should only ever be using garrisons if you are attempting to progress through a wave rather than farm it OR you are leveling up the heroes used as garrisons and/or you don't care about exp. The reason why is because the exp you get from completing each wave is split among the heroes in your towers as well as the ones on your hero bases.

You can place a maximum of three heroes into a tower. Ordinaries, Elites, and Legendaries all provide a different buff to the tower you are using as well as the buffs provided being different between the types of towers.

I will only go over the abilities of Arrow Towers as they are the only relevant ones that should be used.

Green Garrison Level 1 -- Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 3

Blue Garrison Level 1 -- Increases damage dealt by 2%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 10%

Purple Garrison Level 1-- Does 1.5x damage to Heroes

Every type of garrison can be brought to at the maximum of Level 7. The points required to achieve each level of garrison is as followed. (The list is numbered respective to the level of the garrison).

1.   50

2.   140

3.   300

4.   650

5.   1200

6.   2200

7.   3800

These points given by each hero placed into a tower are given by a function of their Hero Level and their Skill Level. Every hero level increases the amountof points they give by 1.

Skill levels increase the amount of points you get exponentially - the points given by skill levels 1/9 through 9/9 are: 1, 36, 90, 183, 356, 629, 1060, 2095, and 3728 respectively.


In almost all cases troops are pointless in HBM as they all get one shot.

If you are going to use troops -- Use Gaurdians and as many as possible. Does not matter what troops you are using if they are getting killed in one shot but you can make more guardians than any other troop so they will buy more time than any other troop.

For HBM I & J though, gaurdians are very neccesary as they are able to absorb some of the damage done by the procs by TG and SM as they kill the buildings around your base.

For HBM A through C, troops might actually help you as the waves aren't that strong -- in this case I recommend Archers/ Centuars because they do a decent amount of dmg but they also have pretty high hp compared to Griffins/Pyromancers. But if you find that they are killing off some of wave, then all dying, and leaving just a few enemy troops attacking one of your buildings outside of your towers reach -- stop using them.


1. Best possible all Ordinary Team: Angel, Marksman, Engineer, Frost Witch, and Alchemist/Dryad.

Angel provides healing and ranged attacks. Marksman and Engineer are ranged and their skills both do damage to multiple targets. Frost Witch brings ranged attacks and a slow down ability which can be useful. Alchemist can do high damage to a specific target while Dryad does the same but less damage but brings around a nice stun but has lower attack speed so you can pick between either.

2. Best possible team with Ordinaries/Elites: Serpent Queen, Engineer, Angel, Assassin, and Cyclops/Executioner.

Serpent Queen has an excellent ability that can really take down packs of troops - especially griffins down really quickly. Engineer is an ordinary but still has relatively high attack compared to other heros and his skill is great for doing damage to multiple enemies. Angel again brings the heals and ranged attacks. Assasin has a fast attack speed and very fast movement rate as well as doing very high single target damage which is great for running from troop to troop, hero to hero, killing them quickly - especially for taking out the Dino quickly. I also included the option of Cyclops or Exectioner. Cyclops has a nice AoE ability that can deal damage to multiple enemies but has extremely low hp so can die easily. Alternatively, you can use Executioner who has really nice base dmg and hp compared to other elites but his ability does not hit multiple targets but it does provide a useful stun if it is timely.

3. Best possible team for F2P with Legends: Immortep, Druid, Reaper, TG, Ninja -- 6th = Champion > Succubus

A tip for those farming to get this team - in order of purchasing with shards, assuming you get Druid from the daily rewards:

TG > Ninja > Champion > Succubus* >Immortep > Reaper

Immortep is clearly the best followed by Reaper and ideally would be purchased first after TG and Druid but the amount of shards it takes is very hard to get with out getting a legend team first.

*You probably can skip getting Succubus and just use SQ/Engineer.

4. Best possible team for P2P/Lucky with Legends: PD, Cupid, Immortep, Druid -- For 5th/6th =SM/TG/Reaper/SZ > Ninja > Champion > Succubus > AC > Paladin

PD has a skill that increases atk speed/movement speed/dmg of the all your heroes, it is godly. A must have.
Cupid might not have the highest dmg or a skill that deals damage but he increases the energy of your whole team which can allow for that one extra proc that will help you pass a wave in addition to helping PD stack his ability. He is also ranged and flies.
Druid is obviously key for his ability to heal the entire team. As well as an increase the dmg of the entire team as well. Ranged.
Immortep is a beast at HBM hands down. Everything within his sandstorm has a chance of 20% at being dealt dmg to every 0.2 seconds as well as being stunned for 1 second (can only be applied to a specific unit once per sandstorm but can stun multiple units). Absolutely the best at taking out fliers and makes higher levels of HBM possible when they normally wouldn't be.

Those four are the ones that I deem absolutely not debatable.

For the last slot or the last two slots if you have the 6th base, it is not as clear cut.

I love Snowzilla, but the last two slots IMHO have to be between SM/TG/Reaper. I have all three at 8* but only 5 bases and I reccomend SM. Again here the range and flying ability is a huge plus since he does not need to walk around as much or be bothered by walls.

If you do have the 6th base, for the last spot - including SM as your 5th - I would personally go with Reaper. Again, flying and ranged is a huge plus. His attack speed is insane especially after they had fixed it recently especially with PD boost letting him destroy massive amounts of troops very quickly as well as getting a bit of boost from self-heals.

*It is preferable to get 5/9 skill on Reaper (because targets effected by his skill increase at 3/9, 5/9, etc) before I would replace TG with him though.

But you can make the choice on whether to use TG or Reaper!

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you enjoyed it my friendly fellow Castles Clashers! Be sure to ask some questions or tell me what I should add! This isn't complete and I will be sure to add more!

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very thorough and detailed write up for HBM! thanks for the mention for Caixa Mod'ed. but for TH18, it is version 3.1 with 6 bases. version 3.0 for 5 bases.

will come back to favor u tomorrow. all out of favor today! cheers!

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manson1777 replied at 5-8-2014 05:06 AM
very thorough and detailed write up for HBM! thanks for the mention for Caixa Mod'ed. but for TH18,  ...

Oops, used the title that was located on the list of bases! I'll be sure to change that! :)

And thank you! :D

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Great thread, I was linked from your General discussion thread, glad I gave it a chance and read through it.  Very nice!

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Irvin_Su(141243 replied at 5-10-2014 03:21 AM
Great thread, I was linked from your General discussion thread, glad I gave it a chance and read thr ...

Thanks man, I really appreciate it! :)

Also appreciate the feedback!

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thanks for f2p heroes selection

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Arus_Sah(128858 replied at 5-10-2014 04:07 PM
thanks for f2p heroes selection

Your welcome! :$

Definitely see a lot of people looking for the best F2P options!

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Very helpful thank you... u forgot mino thoo he helps a lot too for h

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(86702972) replied at 5-16-2014 01:11 AM
Very helpful thank you... u forgot mino thoo he helps a lot too for h

Your welcome! :)

I did exclude Mino from my list for two reasons:

1. I assume that most people reading this don't have Mino.

2. Even if they do, I also assume that most people that DO have him, have more or less all other heroes and that they wouldn't use him for HBM.

I have to kindly disagree on Minotaur being useful for H, let alone HBM in it's entirety (apart from A-C which I assumed his proc would destroy lol)! The two problems most people have with HBM-H is the Coptors destroying towers very quickly and the insane amount of Fairy Dragons on H-5 killing everything. Mino does nothing to help this since he can't hit flying targets with his proc and has pretty low base dmg.

He could be useful for H-4 which has loads of Savage Ogres -- but that way is relatively much easier than the rest anyway, making it pointless to use Mino.

His proc hits and stuns loads and loads of ground targets which makes its so great for destroying bases in raids and wrecking dungeons -- but not for HBM.