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[Guides] Guild and Guild Boss Introduction

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Guild Position


Donation Amount




Appointed by Guild Leader














Vice-Leader Privileges: Has all Guild Leader privileges excluding Guild disbanding and passing leadership.
Elite Privileges: Able to recruit Guild members.

Guild Election:
1. If the current Guild Leader does not log in for several consecutive days, an election feature will unlock. Other guild members can tap the prompt to open the election screen. If the Leader doesn’t log in for 7 consecutive days, voting will automatically begin.
2. Any Guild member (including the current Leader) who hasn’t logged in for 5or more consecutive days will not appear in the election list.
3. Every Guild member will have only 1 vote.
4. You cannot vote for yourself.
5. After the election, the member with the highest number of votes will become the new leader.
5. The leader cannot transfer leadership while voting is in progress.

Guild Boss Details


Boss (Total Health)


Reward for every 1% of damage, up to of 30%. (300% if boss is defeated)


Participation Reward
  (500% if boss is defeated)


Damage ≥30% and boss is defeated


Damage ≤1% and boss is defeated


Damage ≥30% and boss survives


Damaged ≤1% and boss survives


Guild Boss-I


1%: 35 (105)
  30%: 1,050 (3,150)


85 (425)










Guild Boss-II


1%: 70 (210)
  30%: 2,100 (6,300)


170 (850)










Guild Boss-III


1%: 140 (420)
  30%: 4,200 (12,600)


340 (1,700)










After the boss fight begins, Guild members can enter within the stipulated time. Only the Heroes currently set on Hero Bases can be used in the boss fight. All damage percentages will be rounded up. All damage dealt to the boss is totaled at the end to determine whether the challenge successful. It’s possible for the total damage dealt by all participating players to exceed the maximum health of the boss. This guarantees that you won’t be pulled out in the middle of the fight.

The damage dealt against the boss is accumulated across all attempts you make.A corresponding amount of Honor Badges will be awarded when the time is up or when the boss is successfully defeated. All guild members who participate and deal damage to the boss will win Honor Badges. You can still earn rewards even if you challenge but failed to defeat the boss. Additional rewards will also be awarded if the boss was successfully defeated.

Example Calculations of Damage and Honor Badges Rewards:
If you deal 15% damage to Guild Boss-II and it wasn’t defeated, it becomes 70 *15 + 170. If the boss was defeated, it would be 70 * 15 * 3 + 170 * 5.
If a player deals 50% damage to Guild Boss-II and it wasn’t defeated, it becomes70 * 30 + 170. If the boss was defeated, it would be 70 * 30 * 3 + 170 * 5.

New Boss Fight Magic:


Magic Name








Deployed Heroes won’t take  any damage for 8 seconds


8 seconds




Increases ATK by 30%


10 seconds


1. When the Magic is ready to use, the icon will be highlighted.
2. Tap the Magic to use it on all currently deployed Heroes.
3. Magic is usable by default. Once it’s used, all Magic will enter a common cooldown so only one can be used at a time.
4. Using magic doesn’t consume any resources.
5. For every fight, the two Magic items can each be used once.

Hero Death and Fight Re-entry Adjustments

1. While challenging a boss, if your Hero dies or you quit of your own accord and reenter, a 15 second cooldown will begin.
2. You can tap a button that will allow you to reenter the fight immediately by spending Guild Credits.


Guild Boss


Personal Guild Credits required to enter while on  cooldown (Every Time)


Guild Boss-I




Guild Boss-II




Guild Boss-III




Cooldown will continue in the background even if youspend Guild Credits to reenter immediately. Guild Credits will only be spent if you choose to spend them while still on cooldown. If you wait for the cooldown to end, your Guild Credits will not be spent.

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There are some screenshots about the tables as above mentioned.

Guild Posistion

Boss Rewards


HeroDeath and Fight Re-entry Adjustments

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