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[Guides] Introduction to the Warehouse

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Posted on 8/6/14 2:23:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

A new Warehouse has been added to Castle Clash! The Warehouse is a building where you can store items and trade Merits for items.

Build Requirements: Unlocks when Town Hall is at Lv 3. Warehouses can’t be upgraded.

The list of items available for Merits refreshes nightly at 21:00. You can play Heroes Expedition to earn Merits.

About Items
Most items are used from within the Warehouse but a few items are more unique in their uses and we’ll explain them in detail.

  • Talent Refresh Card: Usually when Re-rolling Heroes Talents, the button would indicate the Gem cost. When you have this card, the button will instead read “Re-Roll” with the amount of cards you have in brackets. You can own up to 50 Talent Refresh Cards.
  • Dungeon Entry Card: Used in Dungeons. Tap it to increase Dungeon Entries to maximum.
  • Quest Completion Card: Used at the Quest Board. When you’ve used up your chances to instantly complete quests, a ‘+’ button will appear. Tap it to use a Quest Completion Card and restore your quest completion chances.
  • Quest Refresh Card: When on cooldown after completing a set of Quests, the ‘OK’ button on the cooldown prompt will change to a refresh button. “Use Quest Refresh Card to immediately begin the next set of quests? (x left)”
  • Hero Slot Card: Usually when unlocking Hero Slots at the Heroes Altar, the button below would indicate the Gem Cost. When you have this card, the button will instead have the text “Unlock (amount)”.

List of Items Tradable from the Warehouse


Item Name




Tome I


Gives 1,000 EXP to a Hero.


Tome II


Gives 5,000 EXP to a Hero.


Tome III


Gives 20,000 EXP to a Hero.


Slime Essence


Gives 100 Skill EXP when consumed.


Crystal Ooze Essence


Gives 600 Skill EXP when consumed.


Gelatinous Champion Essence


Gives 3,000 Skill EXP when consumed.


Shard Pack I


Grants 10 Shards.


Shard Pack II


Grants 50 Shards.


Shard Pack III


Grants 200 Shards.


Honor Badge Pack I


Grants 100 Honor Badges.


Honor Badge Pack II


Grants 500 Honor Badges.


Honor Badge Pack III


Grants 2,000 Honor Badges.


Talent Refresh Card


Refresh a Hero's Talent once for free.


Dungeon Entry Card


Increases Dungeon Entries to maximum.


Quest Completion Card   


Increases Quest auto-completes by 3.


Quest Refresh Card


Immediately resets the Quest cooldown time.


Hero Slot Card


Unlocks 1 Heroes Altar slot. (Can’t be used to unlock slots beyond  the maximum number.)


Monster Pass


Increases Here Be Monsters Entries by 1.


Trial Entry Card


Increases Hero Trials Entries by 1.


Gold Pack I


Grants 10,000 Gold.


Gold Pack II


Grants 50,000 Gold.


Gold Pack III


Grants 300,000 Gold.


Mana Pack I


Grants 10,000 Mana.


Mana Pack II


Grants 50,000 Mana.


Mana Pack III


Grants 300,000 Mana.


Hero Card


Hires 1 random Hero.


Elite Hero Card


Hires 1 random Elite Hero.


Legendary Hero Card


Hires 1 random Legendary Hero. (Can’t be used to hire Minotaur  Chieftain, Spirit Mage, or Moltanica.)


Sacrifice Hero Card


Randomly grants some Slime Essence.


EXP Pack I


Grants 10 Tome I.




Grants 10 Tome I and 6 Tome II.




Grants 10 Tome 1, 6 Tome II and 3 Tome III.


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Posted on 8/6/14 7:13:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Edited by DdrNerd at 8-10-2014 11:15 PM

All of the above items can be traded in for other resources like Honor Badges from the Warehouse Building dialogs. Exp Books can be traded for Honor Badges to help ease the decisions between storing books continuously or gaining the Honor Badges needed to upgrade a hero and continue using books on them.

Great update!

Edit to answer comments: The warehouse is an entire building, found in the resources tab of the shop. Items are purchased from the warehouse using Merit points earned while doing Expedition raids. These raids can be found in the Arena pop up menu.

I muted myself. Talk about an abuse of power, eh?
Posted on 8/6/14 7:30:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

why was this removed from the general discussion?

Still good though! Thanks!

Posted on 8/6/14 7:31:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

How do we get these things, they are not showing in my game. Is there an update?

Vice Leader of the Guild The-Unseen
Posted on 8/6/14 12:13:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

trail entry card  increase entries by 2 not 1 @eva

Posted on 8/6/14 12:47:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Will the Quest Completion Card also complete gem-award quests? E.g. completing the re-roll quest without investing 300 gems, but receiving 300 gems for the completed quest?

Posted on 8/6/14 1:13:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I take it we'll need a builder to build this? Can you be a bit more precise as to when its coming out so I don't have all my builders doing 10+ day upgrades when this hits...

Posted on 8/6/14 7:51:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

cant wait to try it out

Posted on 8/6/14 11:07:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It comes out tonight.

Posted on 8/7/14 2:11:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

reply my game