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[Guides] Matricide's Clash Hints

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Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but when completing quests, the donate mana and gold quest, be sure you have enough gold/mana or it will automatically buy the gold/mana with your gems. There has been a few times where I will click autocomplete, usually on smurf, and it will cost me 20 gems and I didn't understand why. Didn't realize it had auto completed the resource donation on its own. Then the other day on my main I had to donate around 700k mana, clicked OK and it completed the quest. However I didn't look at my mana beforehand and it spent over 400 gems without asking if I wanted to spend them.   So be sure of what you have before you click donate! Don't assume it will confirm what you have clicked.

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BusterKs replied at 8-17-2014 01:50 PM
Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but when completing quests, the donate mana and gold qu ...

There are a lot more of those traps, like getting your daily slime reward and buying a new hero slot for 50 gems :-(

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list the boss fight dmg intervals for payouts for each tier please

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This is just my opinion... But I would raise might pretty quickly to maximize on the books and quest board. Also for the might rewards.. Whenever you unlock blue and purple books from completing a certain amount of quests is a great point to get to. The books can either help you gain a lot more HB or level your heroes a lot more quickly. Also sometimes it is a better idea to not use any books for levelling heroes and selling them all so you can level your whole team without any waiting for HBs.

EDIT: I can get anywhere from 11k HBs to 15k HBs just from 2 quest boards every day. Also I am not saying raise your might in every way possible and not be able to raid. You still need some moderation so it is possible for you to raid resources and complete your quests.

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Arena tip: if you're going up against a player you've never fought before and you need an open lane to win, go top. Most people stick to middle or bottom lanes. (Alternatively, if you generally win head-to-head choose bottom/middle lane). Another tip: if you attack someone and their defense comes out of lane X they will probably attack from that same lane, too. In other words, where people setup their defense is where they often attack from. That changes if their heroes are split among two or three lanes, but generally, if they fight with their heroes in a group their offense and defense lanes tend to be the same. There is variation on this of course but as a general rule it holds, at least in the top 1,000 and below.

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willsolvit replied at 8-17-2014 03:26 AM static/image/common/back.gif
How about adding to never use offensive type spells and to never attack the very last opponent in ar ...

I use my offensive spells when I'm bored, I only see full garrisoned towers as defense, or someone killed all my heroes and i need to farm for quest board. I agree that not everyone has 30% riches flags to burn to make up for the cost. Regardless, I don't see bringing towers and heroes down with offensive spells, TG, GR, and SM  as any less rude than fully stocked dragons and garrison, or less strategic than GA and Frenzy. Castle Clash, not Castle Charity.

EDIT: @will, I wasn't complaining to you about etiquette, please don't think I was. Everyone in Castle Clash thinks tossing windstorm and quitting is "rude",  "cowardly", or "unfair". The only thing I wanted to do is mention that not everyone should exclude the option of offensive spells. You will see in my comment of the next thread, a similar notion that it's best to consider all options and tools given by the game and not be close minded to the posibilities. Caution that they aren't the most cost efficient should be advised, I agree. However, if you go out raiding just after a maintenance ends and want to bank 2mil and have flags to back it up (mentioned above) it is a great thing to dump spells and be a greedy @#%(*!%, taking everyone's money and putting it in statues and flags... because IGG allows us to.

:'(  :lol

I muted myself. Talk about an abuse of power, eh?
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DdrNerd  I'm at 28k might thanks to upgrading everything possible. I raid my 880k gold daily for gems without issue. Daily might bonus and quest rewards are amazing.  Post time 8-17-2014 05:09 PM

If you are an experienced player and know, what you do, and why you do it, then inflating your might is ok. But a lot of beginners stumble upon this trap. They upgrade everything, because they have enough gold and don't know what to do with it. "Oh, I could upgrade some magic!", "Oh, I want those shotgun dwarfs, don't know why, but sounds cool!". And then their heroes can't keep up with the might explosion.

Been there, done that. I outgrew those fallacies, though it was sometimes hard paying 30k for GA, when gold was tight. I would have loved if someone gave me those tips, when I started. So if you know the consequences of raising your might, and think it's worth it, then by all means go for it! If you're unsure, or even unaware, then be careful. That's all, these tips want to tell you.

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KurNt2014  Yeah, those top lane defenders are annoying. But less annoying than those, that constantly change their defense lanes :-(  Post time 8-17-2014 11:30 AM

Yeah, that would be me! :)

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nice...really appreciate the way you summed everything up...I just read through it all to see if you have missed something..but solo far not bad..except for one uses painda...