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[Chat (Android)] Torch Battle Preview From Link

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willsolvit replied at 8-31-2014 09:34 PM static/image/common/back.gif

Looks like Ninja will rock Torch battles

A 5/5 revite AC should be better imo

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this willl be so much fun i can't wait!

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I can't wait to test out my 4/5 Tenacity Ninja 4/5 Life Drain GR and 4/5 Life Drain Druid :lol. I hope the rewards are decent though.

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This needs to be a 24 hr event, scored throughout the event, not at the end. Any other system will be unbalanced and unfair.

They'll get there eventually, just like they did with Guild Boss. Very few things are released bugless, and require later fixes, although I'm not sure how anyone thought this would be a good idea. It doesn't take a lot of forethought to know that a 12 hour stint is going to piss off quite a few people...

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What time for GMT?

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Looking forward to this aspect of the game!

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My posts are always to long so Ill start with my conclusion;
IGG did a good job in re-evaluating guild wars and trying to improve them. However all in all, in my humble opinion, what still needs to be fixed is mainly how the 'results' are determined, as they should be made to exclude timezone benefits/penalties for all players.
Hence I suggest making it 24 hour battles with results based on average torches held (if you can break it down to average per second great, otherwise the average of all end of hour values will do just fine).

Full story:
I can see that IGG put some thought into making the torch battles better, so thats great to see! My thoughts;

To Qualify
+ Battles accessible for top3000 guild means most 'real' (non-solo) guilds can participate, which is a good thing! :)
+/- I am not sure how I feel about having it only twice a week, as it will benefit people who those days suit well vs others. Id rather have it every day and have smaller rewards to compensate. On the other hand it leaves us some free time as well.. ;)
- IGG has been thinking about it and decided to have TB for 12 hours instead of 24. This is definately the wrong way to go in my opinion because then by default you benefit players in certain timezones. Again I would like to emphasize my suggestion to have 24 hour battles but with the final results calculated based on the average torches each guild has at the end of every hour or during the entire battle if programmable. This way time zones play a much lesser role as guilds/players will do well n their awake time and worse in their sleep time, which averages out for all players overall. This also works better with daily TB btw.

To Join
+ I really like the group division thing, although it depends on which rankings (I am assuming might, but even thats not the best way perse with smurfs). Maybe they could base it on a new might ranking based solely on the might from (the top10) heroes. Would be a better reflection but probably too hard to implement.
- Basing the rewards solely on when the torch battle ends (4 am in Europe?!) is just a very bad and unbalanced move. I again suggest the calculation of the average amount of torches over the entire time span of the battles, as above.

To Battle
+ I like how MOV SPD is included here. Should include sprint talent for some fun surprises.
+/- Unclear how it is intended right now, but in my opinion when a defending hero takes back a captured torch, it should return to base (also depending on mov spd and how far away the attacking hero got from the base). Attacking heroes should then have the opportunity to take the torch from this defending hero on its way back again and upon capture they can run home again (a shorter distance of course as the torch wasnt home yet). This should add some great strategy as every second you let and enemy run will count as it increases your return time. Having defenders be available immediately again seems unfair to me, as people could just defend all attacks with their molty one after another...
+ Is it 10 capture and 10 guard attempts or do both share the same pool? I would suggest them sharing the same pool, makes things more strategic.

+ Looks good to me, with the group system that should work, will make it hard to max out though as all guilds will start coming for you. You might see some short term alliances coming up (which I dont think is a bad thing per se).

Nice read! Get back to the game your dungeons just refreshed!

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Eva just posted a maintenance notice due on 3rd september. Will this be the torch battle update?

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Dragolos replied at 9-2-2014 12:30 PM
Eva just posted a maintenance notice due on 3rd september. Will this be the torch battle update?

a maintenance isnt an update...

pass maintenances were just "bugs being fixed"