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[Chat (Android)] Torch Battle Preview From Link

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My guild is ranked 3,020


LBF - King of the Hill - #5 Finish

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No gem rewards????{:3_42:}

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I think the during-time of Torch Battle must be change or make it longer. We all know about TIME ZONE. 9am - 9pm from server time = 9pm to 9am in our country but what's about other country? Let us sleep :) or make during time longer  

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Really not looking forward to this. For my guild, UK, the torch battle starts at 3pm and finishes 3am... I generally clock off around 11pm... So 4 hours for all of our hard earned torches to be taken without opposition...

At least make a rolling start time, so its an hr later each day... That would make it a hell of a lot fairer.

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I just realised... for torch battles the guilds are divided in 10 groups of 300 guilds? that should really be more like 100 groups of 30 guilds or something along those lines imho...

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And lets emphasise once again that torch battle rewards should not be based on a single point in time which discriminates between time zones. How to fix this?

Step 1) Rewards can be calculated by average torches held during the battle. Or the average of end-of-hour torches held. Or you could appoint rewards hourly and have them accumulate until the end of battle if thats better programmable. Im not saying this to increase rewards; if the intended target is 2400 HB for 100 torches held for the TBs right now, then it would just be 100 HB at the end of every hour for 100 torches held. 80 torches will give you 80 HB/hour, etc. accumulate during TB and at the end people can claim the total rewards for the 24 hours TB went on.

Step 2) Make Torch battles 24 hours long so every timezone and every player will miss out on 5-8 hours because of sleep. All players will then have a disadvantage during these hours. Seems more fair to me. Otherwise if you are set on 2 TBs per week of 12 hours each, make sure those 24 hours total do cover an entire day, i.e. have TB1 start on wednesday at 9AM for 12 hours and have TB2 start on saturday at 9PM for 12 hours. Then it evens out again.

I believe both of these things should be fairly easy to implement and it makes the game more fair to all players of all timezones. The longer you wait with this the more players will get fed up if their timezone is disadvantaged, which happens to be all of europe and afrika. A lot of players in those countries speak and play english...

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What we have learned so far...
*Heroes are no buffed in Torch Battles (heroes kill eachother in 4-6 hits like normal, maybe both HP and DMG are buffed I will check). If they were intended to be buffed, this is a bug.
*You cannot see the results/fights of your attacking heroes. Would be nice to add this, maybe in battle reports so you can review and adjust strategy?
*There are a lot of torches in limbo all the time. When you get attacked you immediately loose the torch but the other party doesn immediately gain it. My guilds was at 0 torches in no time because we happened to be on top of the leaderboard at the start. Had 200 incoming attacks, looked quite overwhelming... ;)
*TB rankings do not refresh continuously. The effect is that the top10 gets completely plundered while they are there, until the rankings refresh and the new top10 become the new default targets. I like the anonymous guild names but the rankings update needs to be much more frequent to solve this, i expect continuously is too hard to not have crash but once per 1-2 minutes should be doable...

*Rewards, T stands for # of torches held.
Rewards for 25% bracket: 10T HB, 0 Shards
Rewards for 50% bracket: 12T HB, 1T Shards
Rewards for 75% bracket: ?
Rewards for 100% bracket: ?

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I love thes games !!!