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[Guides] New to CC? Fear no more.

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Hello,can u tell me ,what means on quest " to refresh hero" in hero altar? ...rewarded by 300 gems when done...

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It's very nice

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You should do a youtibe video on this guide

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I am stuck in the arena. The 5 opponents are hopelessly stronger than me. I have been playing for a week and won 3 or 4 battles at most and yet I am in this position. I get honor of 50/hr, my rank is about 142 000, I have one legend ninja 3 elite and one regular hero, which I have ranked up from mid 30s to now close to lvl 60. My opponents have heroes in the 80s and rip me to shreds tho (would be sad if it wasn't so funny or funny if it wasn't so sad, I forget which :)).
I got burned for 3800 HB exploring the Wretched Gorge (clicked on a tower) so it will be days before I can upgrade even one of my heroes past 60. What is really frustrating is that no one attacks me to drop me down in rank. I am guessing I am stuck with a load of inactives around me, hence the strong heroes that keep dropping whenever they lose and never move up, until they finally bottom out at a rank where no one can defeat them. Seems to be a flaw or two in this system hehe

Seriously though if anyone has helpful advice, it would be much appreciated.

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Please consider updating the links with these threads that i think are extremely important for cc gamers:

Damage Reduction 101


Increased Attack Speed 101

and perhaps that one too:

Ultimate Calculators Sheets: Inscription, Heal and Attack Speed


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Who should I build up next to have a better team? and who is best for hbm and wretched gord?
Tg- lvl 181. 6/10   3/8 revive  lvl 2tenacitycrest                  
Ork-lv 155  6/10  4/8 berzerk. Lv2 bulwark
Druid-lv 153 6/10  3/8 flame grd. Lv2 revive Immo-lv 152 6/10 4/5 revite  lv1 berzerk crest
Gr- lv 148 5/10 6/8 wargod. Lv 2 sprint crest
Champ-lv 143  5/10. 2/8 deathstrike lv2 stone
Ninja-lv 141. 5/10. 2/8 wargod lv 1 life drain
Vlad- lv141. 6/10. 3/8 flame grd. Lv 2 revive
Succ- lv 139. 6/10. 5/8 stone grd. Lv 3 sprint
Death kn- lv 139 6/10 4/8 wargod. Lv 1 flame
Cupid- lv 138 6/10  5/8 scatter. Lv 2 berzerk
Santa- lv130 5/10. 3/8 stone. Lv 2 war god
Pal- 125 4/10. 2/8 sprint. Lv 3 tenacity
Warlock lv 122. 5/10  3/5 revite. Lv 2 revive
Snowzil lv 80  1/10 2/8 scorch. No crest
Shamen lv 110. 4/10. 3/8 scorch. Lv 2 wargod
Frost wtch lv 128. 5/10. 3/8 wargd lv 1 heavy

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