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[Event] Event Q & A

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This thread has been banned.

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When will the winners of word search event be selected???
Thanks , I participated and need to know if I win something

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I am unable to submit required information in the forum event [Forum Event] Mother of Castle Clash. I tried using a mobile phone. Can you please help me so I can participate in the event?

Thanks in advance

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Hello I cant reply to an admin comment to give them more information in mother of castle clash forum event as the thread is locked

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Have the winners been announced yet for the forum event?

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For the words of wisdom “epic hero series” forum event what exactly does requirement b entail? Can we simply  sum up a hero’s skill such as “deals a large sum of dmg to 2 hero’s every .2 seconds for 5 seconds and ignores dmg caps and dmg-to-hp conversion, and when under 50% hp, gain dmg cap of 40k, becomes immune to all conditions and heals 6% hp every second(dynas skill)” or do we have to list out the complete skill and go into detail about what each aspect of the skill does?

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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Where to find the server ?