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[Guides] New Feature - Guild Wars

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Awe some

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Suggestion.  Limit the number of replays from raiding to 5-8 and use that server space to save replays from people raiding us in guild wars  so we can use those videos to improve our bases, or just brag.

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How do you know how much fame you'll get?

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This was the second time when our guild is the weakest of the five by might... How can we win when the first guild has 9 million might and we just 5,4 mill... What is option to roll the guilds together? The first 200 is one group the second 200 the second and more... Or something else. Or we can get any other guilds from the first 2000 and we was only very lucky... Pls aswer if you know something about from it.

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Hi im confused!I was earned 1740 points for my guild and we finished first place.How much fame is it?

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How do you become top 2000

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Curios how the 5 guilds in a group are picked. Is it a random 5 guilds from all of the qualifying guilds or are guilds tiered by might (or whatever) and 5 are picked from the same tier?

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Using the attacker's might (greater might yields greater score for a successful GW attack) is illogical and unfair. I have fairly high might, so I get a greater score from beating the same defender as another player with lesser might. So if we beat the same five higher bases, I score higher and get a better reward. But that's unfair: if a 120,000 might easily beats a 100,000 might and an 80,000 might needs much guile to beat that same 100,000 might and yet scores less for all his guile, then you are simply rewarding might and not accomplishment. At the very least the lower might player should get the same reward (and some might argue, deserves a higher reward). If this system stays the same, then, like many other CC activities, just go for high might - no need to try difficult attacks if they are not rewarded.

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I have a question with guild wars. I have 81000k might and i attacked all top players around 150000k might. I defeated all but one and some players in my team got more points. I did the maths and it seems like they had more top players to attack than me. So they could get more points.Does it make a difference with points if not all of there hero bases have heroes on them?

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The main concern I have with scoring is this... why should your might being high give you more?  If a 150k player attacks the same 5 targets as a 75k might player the 150k player will get more points and bigger rewards.  Sure there will be many scenario's in which you are a high might and there are not enough people high enough to give you good rewards.  But maybe there should be something in place that if you win against someone 50% higher rank than you, you get a bonus of 5% in points.  100% higher you get a 10% increase.   Why not reward risk!  I am sorry if an extremely high might player who has put in a lot of time can simply take the top five point opponents and get the top score no matter if someone else does the same.  Always puts a lower player at a disadvantage. 

Not sure if this is fair either but it seems as if you cater to the top 1-5 guild members and everyone else is left scraps no matter who they attack.  I alternate between first and second depending on if my screen sweeps accidently hit the end button.  But I can see where it can be very frustrating for people below me to do the same work and get far lower rewards.

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