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[Guides] Best Talent for individual hero

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The original thread becomes too long, so start a new thread to continue. You may post your suggestoins here, and I will keep it updated.

Continues from talents ranking
Part II: Good Talent for individual hero
Most of the time, it's better for the talent to strengthen or utilize hero's strong point, rather than to make up for the weakness.

Below, if not mentioned, all talents are considered for arena battle attack side, preferred talent for raid can be totally different. The percentage # quoted behind each talent is the increase in effective damage, which can be verified using stat calculator.

1. Ninja: Highest DPS hero.
Self Destruct ~ Deadly Strike (40%) ~ Revitalize > Berserk (30%) ~ War God(30%)

Depends on if you want to use head to head or base rush strategy, self Destruct or Deadly Strike fit Ninja best.

High level self destruct can let Ninja severely damage the entire troop.

You need to pray for luck when using deadly stirke. So if you want a more stable output, Berserk is another good option. In fact, berserk may work better for raid, since Ninja's high attack make him overkill a lot agasint ordinary troops, hence deadly strike or war god simply won't increase output that much when raiding. If one can level up Ninja's skill to very high , I prefer berserk better than deadly Strike.

Level 5 Revitalize changed from 60% energy to 100% since 1.1.9, this makes it very useful for Ninja to have revitalize. It let Ninja one shot a hero instantly, and you need two or more heros to stop him alone. The overall output for shrine attacking is also comparable to berserk after this update.

As a side note, the effect of enfeeble is not so obvious for Ninja, because he already runs fast, highest lvl Enfeeble will buy him 4 more seconds, which may be converted to roughly 15% more DMG output for base rush.

2. Druid: Multi-task Healer
Berserk ~ Revitalize > Survival or attack type talent
As a healer in the team, the best talent should let him heal more often or survive longer.

Berserk increase both his attack and healing ability, so it's very useful for both raid and arena.

Revitalize is most effective in head to head battle in arena, high level revitalize can make druid heal after two attacks and boost attacking power of team members, so a few strong team member is also needed to fully utilize this talent.

Survivial type talent increase the battling time of Druid, this type of talents fits raid better than arena. Most of the time, Druid is the last one to die among all heros because he uses ranged attack and always heal himself, this makes the difference between revive and tenacity small.

Attack type talent fits most heros, it let druid raid faster by itself.

Out of the 3, Berserk is the best all-around talent.

3. Succubus: Demolition Expert
Berserk ~ Enfeeble ~ Revitalize

Succubus specialty is to destroy buildings and shrine. Her special attack reduce building's health by 15% - 41%, depending on skill level. This determines the talents that fit her should let her demolish building faster.

Berserk let her attack fast and has more chances to use special attack, enfeeble let her arrive to the shrine quickly, revitallize let her use special attack earlier.
The effect of these three on base racing can be compared using a senario analysis.

Time to cross the field for normal hero is 16 - 18s, two rounds of special attack takes 14s (each round is 7 second)
So suppose we have 32s in total.
1. Berserk, 18s to arrive, then 14s give her 2.6 round of attack
2. Enfeeble, 12s to arrive, then 20s give her 2.8 round of attack
3. Revitalize, 18s to arrive, energy bar 100% full initially, three rounds attack.

The effect of the three are very similar. Though very often, the battle won't last that long, then revitalize or enfeeble will help her to proc at least once.

4. Paladin: Super Tank
Survival type talent ~ Berserk ~ Revitalize

Paladin is a super tank with very weak attcking power. Believe it or not, Paladin's effective DPS is less than a same level werewolf with lvl 2 skil. So any improvement in ATK will only result in a marginal increase in output, and it's better to provide the tank with even stronger armor.

As with all other heros, berserk will help to trigger the skill more often, which reduces damage taken by more than 25%.

Revive is another good talent for paladin, its use is already explained in talent ranking, so no repetitions here.

Revitalize is always a gem for arena, it let paladin open the shield instantly. And if its skill level is high, the shield could be on all the time.

5. Champion: AOE DPS
Revitalize > Berserk > Other Attack type talents

Champion's special attack is very powerful in arena. It can do damage and make 3 hero in coma  for more than 2 seconds, that's the same as death sentence in 5vs5 battle. So the tip is to let him use special attack as quickly as possible. If Ninja is a tactical DPS that can win a fight with one hero, then Champion is a strategical DPS that may let you win the battle.

Revitalized is just designed for Champion, with high level of revitalize, his special attack will guarantee the victory from the begining of the battle.

Berserk is also good for champion, though it usually takes longer time than revitalize to charge up the energy bar.

Since Champion is a DPS, it's also good for him to have attack type talents.

Someone may wonder if heavy blow is good for him or not. I think it's weaker than revitalize or berserk. In 5v5 battle, it usually takes 4 attacks for him to charge up the energy, heavy blow offers 10% chance to inflict coma for each hit. So in the energy charging process, he only have about 40% chance to inflict coma to one hero, it's a lot better to charge up faster and have 100% coma on 3 heros.

6. Spirit Mage: Missile Launcher
Revitalize ~ Berserk ~ War God

Now comes the donation hero, spirit mage. If you ever want to clear all the dungeons with around lvl 100 heros, you probably need the help of it. It's special attack is overpowered when reaching high level, at level 9, it will hit 10 troops/buildings at 360% damage!  This means after it uses speical attack 5 or 6 times, the entrie dungeon's troops are probably been wiped out comletely at a distance. And yes, that includes the last level of the dungeon. Because of this super strong skill, we should focus on improving its triggering chance.

For arena battle, the best choice is revitalize, high lvl skill can let it severely damage opponent's heros at the start of the battle and guarantee a win. If you have enough slimes, increase its skill to lvl 5, so it can hit 5 heros and the shrine at the same time.

War God is another good choice for arena. Because SM can only proc once or twice most of the time in arena. War god helps to maximize the proc DMG during the battle. But for prolonged battle like raids, berserk will be better.

For overall performance in arena and raid, berserk is another very good choice, it increases the overall output by quite a lot and can help you clear the dungeon very fast. War god is also good, it increases both basic and skill DMG, but because it tends to overkill sometimes, Berserk is a little better choice most of the time.

7. Thunder God: Nuclear Bomb.
Berserk ~ Revitalize ~ War god

I once called spirit mage a nuclear bomb, but the charater of thunder god fit that name better. Thunder god is designed for raiding, its special attack is particularly powerful against troops. Because when the ligthning hit the camp, it will kill all troops camping there. Walls are the best campanions to thunder god, you just need to place him in front of some thick walls, and he will finish the job at a safe place.

Revitalize is always a good talent for arena. Thunder god can deal the most damage compared to other AOE heros, though the stunning time is less than Champion.

And without a doubt, berserk is the best for him in raids. War god is also good since it increases damages caused by special attack too. Deadly strike is inferior to war god, because the AOE attack amplifies the effect of war god by quite a lot.

8. Pumpkin Duke: Eternal Frenzy magic.
Revitalize > Self Destruct ~ Enfeeble > Berserk

Pumpkin Duke is a magic caster. Because its buff effect lasts 8 seconds, once the buff starts, it will virtually last the entire battle, both in raids and arena! This makes him one of the best hero in both raids and arena for several reasons. First, in raids, a lvl 3 skill will increase the entire troops ATK power by over 40%, this will provide you huge advantage over opponents and saves you around 30% of time. Secondly, in arena, when paired with Ninja or Succubus, the same 40% boost in ATK can easily guarantee a win.

Based on this, the best talent for him in arena and raid is revitalize. Here we see one of the few heroes that revitalize actually works best in raid, all because the skill can last forever by itself.

Because his base ATK is the same as Ninja, Self Destruct is another good choice in arena.

Enfeeble level 5 can reduce the arena travelling time about 17 seconds to 11 seconds, which has a similar effect to revitilize 4 if he is unchecked. The only downside is enfeeble is not the best talent for arena defense.

Berserk may not be the best choice for PD, the reason is given above: its buff can last forever without berserk. However, it's still a very good talent to have, increasing atk power and reducing time to start buff.

9. Atlanticore: Super tank with plasma shield
Revitalize > Survival type talent

Another super tank. Unlike Paladin, Atlanticore rules the arena with good talents and decent levels. It's plain and simple, this scorpion will reflect all damage dealt to it, normal or proc. The skill starts at 2.5s invincibile time and increase by 0.5 sec every skill level up to 6.5s.

Revitalize is best for it in arena. The reflected damage can kill Ninja or SM when they proc, or even destroy a 5 hero team if its skill last long enough. Not to mention, with high revitalize, it will become both a super tank and dps in boss fight.

Survival type talent is also good for it. Can help it last longer in raid and arena and have a better chance to proc. When facing a camp of griffin or dragon, a shielded AC can kill them in 2 or 3 seconds.

10. Snowzilla: Snowman with machine-gun
Revitalize ~ Berserk ~ War God

Snowzilla may appear to be weak at first glance, because its base atk is not very high, and proc is 8 hits of 75% of base atk. However, like other gem only heroes (pd, sm), its skill stat increases linearly at a fast rate. Level 9 skill deals 275% base damage per hit and reduce speed by 50%. This makes him have a higher overall dmg output than Ninja on shrine for high skill lvl. Roughly speaking, starting from skill lvl 6, Snowzilla's overall dmg output is higher than ninja. With buff from druid or Pumpkin Duke, the overal dmg on shrine per second is comparable to succubus.

The choices for talents are similar to that of spirit mage. Revitalize definitely helps a lot in arena.

Berserk and War god are also good talents, same reason as explained in spirit mage part. Berserk is a better talent in raiding, because his proc can clear one camp of troops very fast.

Overall, Snowzilla is a very versertile hero. He combined the best quality of shrine attacking hero (Ninja, succubus) and AOE hero (SM), and can be used for both raid and arena. The only minor downside is that it will attack 8 times each proc, sometimes helping enemy hero to charge energy fast.

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Elite heros:
For elite heros, I will try to be succinct, you may refer to similar lengendaries for more details about the reasoning.

1. Executioner

Executioner's stat is well balanced, both attack type or survival type talents should work.
2. Assassin

Assassin is the only elite that can be used to replace lengendary in arena. The preference is the same as Ninja, please refer to above.
3. Werewolf

Tank type hero, may refer to Paladin for preferred talents. Its effective DMG is roughly the same as Paladin (slightly higher). But Paladin's HP is about 50% higher than werewolf, this considers both the increase in health stat and the effect of primary skill.
4. Cyclops

AOE DPS, refer to champion for talents. Between Cyclops and pain-da, I prefer pain-da a little bit more for raid, and cyclops more for arena.
5. Shaman

Low ATK, relatively high HP. Primary skill maybe a little useful for 1vs1, but not useful at all for other situations. May consider survival type or attack type talents. But you may not want to use it if have other better heros.
6. Pain-da

AOE DPS, but ATK is low, may refer to champion for talents(except revitalize). Good for raid, not very strong for arena.
7. Serpent Queen
Poison AOE, her special attack is not strong compared to other AOE. Eg, Engineer's lvl 1 AOE deals 110% ATK damage instantly, while her lvl 1 posion deals 96% ATK damage in 6 seconds. She can be dead already by then. May choose attack type talent if needed.
8. Ice Demon
Supportive AOE, his speical attack reduce only Mov speed of enemies. With level 5 revitalize, this may delay the enemy heros for 2-3 seconds, but I am sure you can find a better hero to use. Good talent is revitalize in arena, berserk for overall performance in raids and arena.

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nho vai ca ra

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nice post. ty

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hellio im muhib

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Level 1 War God or level 2 self-destruct for Executioner? I can't decide which one to keep :/

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(86839464) replied at 8-26-2013 07:44 PM
Level 1 War God or level 2 self-destruct for Executioner? I can't decide which one to keep :/

either is fine, I may pick war god, and I believe you will get better heros soon. have fun.

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Panda is best with berserk or revitalize?

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Panda is best with berserk or revitalize?

berserk is a lot better for raid.

I don't use panda for arena if have other options.

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Please update this with the new heros :)