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[Guides] A few facts for heroes

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Here I will try to collect some facts for heroes that is not included elsewhere. Some are moved from arena facts for better organization. Welcome to any suggestions, corrections.

1. Heroes Altar
hero's revive time be calculated as
For heros between lvl 1-39 : revive time = lvl * 10
For heros between lvl 40-180 : revive time = lvl * 15

Each upgrade of heroes altar reduce the time by 3%

For example: level 100 hero takes 1500s = 25 mins to revive. If the heroes altar is level 10, then the time needed is reduced to 25min * 0.7 = 17m30s

The maximum number of hero slots is 50.

2. Hero base
Hero base increases heroes' stats when defending raids. Each level increase HP and ATK of defending heroes by 2%.

This means a level 20 hero base can increase the stats of a level 100 hero to stats of a level 140 hero.

Becuase upgrading hero base increase might only by 1 each level, it's worth upgrading if one want to increase defense power quickly.

3. About energy
Upper limit of energy for each hero is 100.

Energy can be charged by two methods: One is through attacking, each hit increases energy by 15 points. The other way is by taking damage, attacking from heroes increases energy by 15 points, attacking from troops or towers increase energy by 1 point. The equatoin for energy charging is:

Total Energy = Attack count * 15 + Opponent hero attack count * 15 + Opponent troop and tower attack count

Opponent hero attack count include skill and talent attack, so when a hero procs, it may charge enemy hero's energy by 30 points.

Some more details about this:
      3.1 If the skill is a buff, like paladin's, when the buff is on but the energy is full, the energy will stay at full until buff wears off.
      3.2 Scatter is the talent that may reduce energy. Scatter 5 will reduce energy by 25 points each hit. So If two heroes duel and one has scatter 5, then the opponent hero's energy will increase very slow (around 5 points per attack).
      3.3 Some heor's skill has infinite attack distance, like Spirit mage and Marksman. Consider the senario that your spirit mage is attacking the shrine and uses its skill to attack opponent's Ninja at the other end. When this happens, it may damage/kill Ninja and help your team, but at the same time, it also helps the ninja to charge up energy and use skill faster. So these kind of skills are sometimes two-edged sword for shrine attacking.

4. Randomness in DMG (Not accurate)
Hero's real DMG = Hero's base DMG * (1 + random factor)
The random factor is within +/- 8%. To be precise, it's a continuous uniform distribution between (-8% , 8%)
So if you lose by a margin in arena one time, you may be able to win next time.

However, only normal attack and attack related skills and talents has this random factor, like slash or deadly strike. Succubus skill doesn't include a random factor.

5. Specific talents
  5.1 Self-destruction: The radius of self destruction is mid-range, can affect succubus but cannot affect druid if the self destruct hero is first engaged with melee troops.
  5.2 Heavy below: Though not stated in the description, heavy blow always inflict 100% base damage as well as coma.
  5.3 Slow down: Like heavy blow, slow down also inflicts 100% DMG when procs. This makes it comparable to war god 4 for non-attacking skill heros, like paladin. Or war god 2 or 3 for DPS heros, like Ninja.
  5.4 War God: Update, as off 3/13/2014, WG can stack will all three buff from druid, PD and cupid. This is different from old versions.
  5.5 Deadly Strike: Deadly strike can also be buffed by druid or PD. Once buffed, it usually will cause immense dmg to shrine.
  5.6 Bulwark: bulwark can stack with all buffs from druid, PD and cupid. So it's a very desirable talents.

6. Specific skills
  6.1 Stun effect: Stun affects both troops and buildings, when tower is stunned, they won't be able to shoot canon/arrow/magic.
  The stacking of stun effect is a little tricky. There is a prioirty order for heroes stun. For example, consider champion which stuns for 3 sec and executioner which stuns for 1 sec. If executioner procs first, champion procs secondly, the total stun time will be between 3 sec to 4 sec. However if champion procs first, then executioner procs, the total stun time is always 3sec. So champion has a higher priority in stun compared to executioner. It remains to test TG's stun though.
  6.2 AOE attack: All AOE attacks have a upper limit on the number of targets it may damage.
       For thunder God: Skill Lvl 1 - 6 targets, Lvl 2 - 8 targets, Lvl 3 - 10 targets and so on
       Engineer has the same limit as thunder god, max target = 2* skill lvl + 4
       For Painda, max target = 2 * skill lvl + 2
  6.3 Skill Cooldown: Right now, tanks and cupid ability has cooldown period, the timer starts from the momemnt of proc. CD for cupid is 6 sec. CD for paladin is about 6 sec. CD for Atanticore CD depends on skill level.
  6.3 Druid: Druid can both heal and boost ATK. ATK will be boosted even if hero is not healed.
  6.4 Pumpkin Duke: Pumpkin Duke may double or triple buff in some rare case. If his energy gauge charges fast and skill proc before the old buff wears away, then the two buff will stack to increase ATK, ATK spd and mov spd.
  6.5 Snowzilla: Snowzilla's proc will hit 7 times rather than 8 times. Further more, talents like deadly strike and heavy blow cannot be combined with proc attack.
  6.6 Cupid: Cupid won't charge energy to himself after proc, only to other heroes.

7. Stacking of talents and skills
When talents and skill will both increase one stat, the overall effect is multiplicative

  Example 1, Assassin with Level 2 skill: 300% DMG and War God 2/5: 15% increase in ATK.
                 Total DMG = Base DMG * 300% * 1.15 = Base DMG * 3.45
                 That's 345% of base DMG.
  Example 2, Paladin with Level 2 skill: 50% decrease in DMG taken and Stone skin 3/5: 15% decrease in DMG taken.
                 Real DMG taken = Base DMG taken * 0.5 * 0.85= Base DMG * 0.425
                 That's 57.5% decrease in DMG taken when shield is on.

8. Stacking of buffs and skills
Stacking of buffs and skills is also multiplicative.

Example : Ninja with war god 2/5 15% increase in ATK, pumpkin level 2 buff 15% increase in ATK, cupid 3/9 increase 20% in ATK.
              Overall increase in proc = 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.2 - 1 = 1.587 -1 =58%

9. Stacking of buffs and debuffs
Both buff and debuff can be stacked. These stacking happens often when PD or cupid skill level is high, resulting in high attack speed and shorter interval between procs.

Example 1: In boss fight, suppose PD double procs, druid and cupid also double proc, how much damage boost we will see from these buffs. Suppose the buff from 3 heroes are all 30%.
               Answer: That's like a 6-fold buff from 3 heroes, so the total dmg increase is about 1.3 ^ 6 - 1 = 380%
Example 2: Again in boss fight, suppose succubus attack speed is buffed by PD, and proced twice in a row. How much dmg decrease we will see from boss? assuming succ proc reduce dmg by 30%.
               Answer: The boss damage will be reduce to 0.7^2 = 0.49, so a total 51% decrease in dmg.

To be continued.

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Is the altar time reduction 2% or 20%? Your 0.8 multiplier makes it 20%. I'm guessing you mean 0.08, since I'm definitely not seeing a 20% reduction for each level.

Edit: Nevermind, I just saw that you specified a lvl 10 altar.

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can you delete an hero

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do you know what the hero revival time thing is now for hero alter upgrades? They updated that didn't they? I feel like I remember them saying they made it better.

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4.3 are you sure about that?

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When upgrade Hero base : " 2% defence " each lv , is it hero have armor ?

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A7Hightvoltage replied at 10-27-2013 07:15 AM
When upgrade Hero base : " 2% defence " each lv , is it hero have armor ?

Yes, hero base will increase stats of heros when they defend base in raids.

Right now, I am not sure which stat will increase from hero base upgrade. It could be only DEF or all stats or heros. Need to be verified though.

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only for DEF , it's seem useless for upgrade hero bases , unless getting more hp building ,

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Edited by guoyuus at 10-28-2013 03:06 PM

A7Hightvoltage replied at 10-28-2013 10:33 AM
only for DEF , it's seem useless for upgrade hero bases , unless getting more hp building ,

Updated with hero base details, it increase both HP and ATK of defending heros.

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updated details for #3 about energy.