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[Chat (Android)] In Regards to Hero Trial Difficulty and Complaints - Important Info!

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Posted on 6/5/14 4:41:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Seriously, what are all you people even complaining about? All these threads and posts are just absurd.

Is anyone forcing you to do Hero Trials? No.

Is it a vital aspect of the game that you need to succeed in? No.

Does not doing hero trials stop you from doing ANYTHING you could before the update? No.

Does it take any time or effort on your part to do? No.
All you did is click a button that says "start".

Does it waste your HBM turns? No.

Are you actually "waiting", or wasting any of your real life "waiting", every 6 hours for your next Hero Trial attempt? No.
Your just clicking a button once and looking at your screen for a minute. It'd be sad if now that HT is out, you are sitting on your phone staring at it, waiting for your next attempt.

Are you get free Honor Badges, possibles Gems, and the chance at a legendary that you weren't getting before? YES.

Is it something different than everything else in the game that has been played to death already, i.e. dungeons, raids, HBM? YES.
If your going to stare at your phone doing the same things over and over again playing CC, what's wrong with something different.

Would you rather get or not get free hb/gems/legendaries for doing absolutely NOTHING but tapping start? I'm pretty sure you'd want it.

Are all of you mad because your getting roflstomped on L5 and feeling like your not the best Castle Clasher in the world because you can't beat every single hero trial easily just like you farm G all day? Yes.

Are you supposed to beat the entire game instantly? No.

Is IGG supposed to just give you all level 180 9/9 5/5 Revit heroes so you can have fun? No.
It's supposed to be challenging, what's the point if you just win at everything?

So all of people complaining just stop - it's embarrassing. If they took away Hero Trials you guys will just go on complaining for more free HB, heroes, and gems. Just accept that your not going to roflstomp it and that your getting free stuff for doing absolutely nothing. If it's too "hard" for you don't play. They didn't need to make Hero Trials or give you any sort of extra rewards - so why the hell are you guys complaining about it needing to be easier, be happy with what you can get.

/end RANT

P.S. use some common sense eh guys!

EDIT: I am not defending HT nor am I speaking out against it. This is directed towards angry, whining, spam threads that are contributing nothing to the actual dicussion of the gameplay mode.

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yea but, I have been looking forward to this and I'm capped on honor badges lol, i really want more rewards
i think there should be an increase, cause i WANT it to be a vital aspect of the game

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Would have given favor but can't for 24 hours - great post.

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DaHHCSuperstarB replied at 6-5-2014 04:44 PM
Would have given favor but can't for 24 hours - great post.

Haha no worries, thanks though!

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i agree. all people want to do anymore is bitch. be happy a little people. might make life a little more fun

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Have you read my thread? I hope you don't consider it as complaining it's too hard. I'm complaining that it's not balanced. HP of enemy heroes is way beyond normal HP. My wave of level 70 AC's had TWICE the amount of HP as a level 150 paladin. That's not right.

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I THINK THIS GAME IS DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE TO FARM LEVEL 1-3 FOR DAILY HB AND FORGET ABOUT THE REST UNLESS IF YOU WANT SOME FUN :lol   --  this is just for extra free daily HB which is better than nothing right?

The dev should've used their time fixing security issues in this game rather than adding yet another idiotic feature :lol

FU \0/
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ForceClosed replied at 6-5-2014 05:01 PM
Have you read my thread? I hope you don't consider it as complaining it's too hard. I'm complaining  ...

Yes I have - and this thread isn't all directed towards you in anyway. You made an observation about HP in HT and logically (in a reasonable tone lol) explained what you thought was wrong with it. That's real game discussion and that's the type of stuff we should be seeing.

But personally I don't think it's a problem (the excessive HP that is) in the sense that it needs to be "fixed".

I'm assuming the heroes in HT have a stat to level ratio similar to Dino (low level but the stats of a hero 2-3x higher level) which makes sense to me because it's just one wave! But that's my opinion.

Posted on 6/5/14 5:18:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It reflects poorly upon the devs and everyone related to the production of these updates.  I'm not proposing change.  I am saying it's horribly designed and flawed out the ass.  Which in turn makes IGG look bad.  

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great post! thanks finally someone says things cristal clear, if u dont like it do not use it. period. once again, thanks. and btw i love it. probably tthe edkt option should have the choice to save your two or three complete designs as so we can use one for hbm and one for defense and one for ht, imho. cheers