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[Chat (Android)] In Regards to Hero Trial Difficulty and Complaints - Important Info!

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Janatae replied at 6-5-2014 04:43 PM
**** Author was banned or deleted ****

Right on man

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For the record, you wouldn't have heard another word from me if you hadn't blatantly attacked me for making an argument for the other side of your point.  Instigating a personal argument will earn you one.  Congratulations.
Won't be reading anymore of your unthoughtful posts.  Don't bother.

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like all aspects of the game.was however expecting and preferring guild wars over hero trials to be first update.

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"Better than nothing" is not a solid argument to players that simply want the game they love to be the best it can be. Right now Trials are not as good as they could/should be.

Also, if the forum gets overloaded with these threads, its likely to encourage devs to take action more quickly.

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completely agree with OP. we need content thats going to take as long as possible for the community rush through. thats what makes content a little bit more fun to do. HBM was completed too quickly for what the gap was between it and hero trials' release. thats why for the past 6 months these forums have been full of trolls, spammy content and other nonsense because players are bored but wanting some way of interacting with castle clash.

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jpppppppppp replied at 6-6-2014 12:57 AM
For the record, you wouldn't have heard another word from me if you hadn't blatantly attacked me for ...

You do know that is absolutely false, right?

My OP targeted immature, whining, spammers who did nothing to contribute to the discussion on how to make Hero Trials better. In my previous post, I showed you one of these posts.[code]"U should do ur best IGG,for implemented this feature,not just some shit reward and hard to achieve.We should have fun..not too easy,not too hard..thats what we want..and some good reward..but this update?200hb reward on L1 and 100hb on L5??? sorry IGG..hope u read this.." [/code]For some reason you misinterperted what I said in my OP as me telling people to not bring problems/suggestions/issues they had with HT to the surface and proceeded to write this little bit.[code]
This thread and anyone who agrees with it has the mindset of settling for horrible updates and new material.  Just let IGG throw out whatever crap they want, if you complain your selfish!

...Hero Trials is flawed and makes everyone involved with releasing it look like they have downs syndrome.  

Do I care that it's flawed?  Not really.. but the fact of the matter is that HT is garbage.
[/code]I never said I approved of every detail of HT nor did I say I was against any of it nor did anyone ask your opinion on it. I merely stated that there was no reason for people to slam their heads against their keyboard to spam thread after thread that Hero Trials were unfair, too hard, or that certain heroes were overpowered. But what you did is state your opinion aggresively, rudely, and tried to establish what you were saying as fact. Not to mention insulting the developers.

I then proceeded to mock you as what you had said had no revelance to was my OP was about and was just your opinion. Your free to go share it with whomever you'd like. You obviously can not read or are too far up yourself if you really couldn't understand the point of this thread. As to you telling me to leave out "zoinks" from my post to be taken more seriously by you -- I had no desire to be taking seriously by you as you were already so off-base, you made a fool out of yourself and continued to rage about something my thread wasn't even about. You were the only one who attacked anyone - all I said was for you to go QQ more after you raged.

And thank god you won't be reading them! You haven't got a fiber of intelligence in you if you can't see the irrelavance of everything you have said. Reread the conversation.

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Drew_Boivie(135 replied at 6-6-2014 01:49 AM
"Better than nothing" is not a solid argument to players that simply want the game they love to be t ...

The point was more so if you (not you :P) have an issue with the game-play mode, to bring it up in a reasonable fashion so that someone might actually take what you were seriously.[code]"yes. its not worth it to wait 6 hours for this. hero trial is very hard and then u can only get a small amount of HB or gems and one time entry only? wtf. can u minimize it and make 3 or 4 hours? this is just my opinion please dont hate it :p"[/code]Threads that start with an OP like that aren't going to accomplish anything and are just cluttering the forums.

Threads that actually discuss the issues, what could be done better, etc etc - would be much more productive. And I completely agree with you that they could be better but spamming the forums with one line threads begging for better rewards and to make it easier isn't going to do anything.

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i agree but just remember igg didnt put HT here to improve the gameplay its an attempt to try and make u think damn im not strong enough and its taking a long time maybe ill just buy a 10$ pack it is nice to have the free hbs and gems but when playing a game i'd like to eventually get to the last level without having to spend money as long as it just takes a reasonable amount of time but this isnt a game so i accept the amount im able to get from it but the complaints dont bother me screw igg for constantly attempting to manipulate people instead pouring insane amounts of money into this crap although im F2P its still messed up and the P2Pers that hate on F2Pers just remember we make the game go round for u P2Pers cause for the most part were the easy targets and the reason why you guys feel like your good if all the F2Pers all picked up and left you guys would hate this game