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[Chat (Android)] Tapjoy 101: Your Guide to Tapjoy

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After seeing many threads about OMG IGG WHY IS THIS TAPJOY SCAMMING ME, i realized that alot of people don't know enough about tapjoy and other survey/free rewards apps/website/etc. Here are some tips so 10 year olds kids dont get hidden fees charged on their mommies card <3. I used to that dumb kid. Still am actually. This stuff is from my past experience and i may be wrong. Feel free to correct me
I realize when you first start a game and you're obsessed about it, you don't think correctly. All you want is pay-to-play currency and that may lead you to do something questionable things Its a drug
One thing everyone should know is TAPJOY AND IGG ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY. If something happens, IGG has no responsiblity toward it. Instead you should email or send a ticket to tapjoy. For example if u did not receive gems atfer completing an offer, you should
A) wait a few hours, alot of offers give gems late
B) if u still haven't gotten your gems, check to see if you have completed the offer correctly
C) if u are 100% sure you've done the offer right and haven't gotten any gems, email or ticket Tapjoy. In my past experience the Tapjoy customer support is very helpful. They will get back to you in 1 or 2 days. As long as you supply them with sufficient evidence that you've completed the offer, they will give you the gems( or whatever it is)
* for example if you downloaded an app for gems, just supply them with a screenshot

Remember if you email them a complaint and send them evidence in the first email, Tapjoy wont care. They will send you an email back asking for evidence. Whatever proof u supply in the next email they will read.
Now onto Tapjoy offers. Tapjoy houses alot of offers and while tapjoy is legit, it does not mean all their offers are. Tapjoy offers are full of scamming companies waiting to discreetly take your money.
Tapjoy do's and dont's
- Watch a video - while these are usually only 1-2 gems, all you have to do is watch a ~30 second video
- Download an app- these are usually games. As long is the app is free, just download it, open for a while and unistall. In some these games will actually be fun and you will continue them ( COUGH COUGH CASTLE CLASH). These offers are usually ~30 gems. Sometimes lower and sometimes higher
- Download an app + something extra- Sometimes you download the app but you have to do something extra. For example sometimes you have to download a game and get to level 3 first. These offers usually credit you more ~50 gems
- Call a representative- These offers tell you to call a representative. Usually it has to do with buying something or going to college, etc. All you do here is call and waste the persons on the other ends time. try to sound interested. These offers credit you will alot more ~1000 gems
- Free trial of something- These offers are sketchy. Sometimes you may stumble of a 30day trial of netflix for 2k gems. Netflix is a widely known and trusted site so it would be a good offer. However, you will have sketchy companies who will try to hidden fee you and make it hard to cancel your trial. What i like to do in this situation is to google the company to see if they're legit.
These offers are usually high in reward ex. 1500 gems
- Surveys- These offers may vary in rewards due to how long the survey is. They are usually legit but be wary what kind of info you are giving out. If its credit card or ssn info ABORT.
OFFERS to NOT DO. LIKE GTFA from these offers
- Credit score offers- You are giving these companies all your personal information and access to ur card. They might give you some gems but charge you 20x more. STAY AWAY FROM THESE
- Buy something for gems- Pretty self explanatory, if you want to spend nothing then dont buy anything.
-Proect your Identity- JUST NO

(space to add stuff)

lower gem offers are usually more trustyworthy than high gem offers. high reward high risk. BE safe and use your mind. Gems aren't always worth what you're getting yourself into. Never give out personal info.
Good luck toward your Spirit mage/ MIno

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Cool. Never had a problem, though.

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The Credit Score offers for the most part are through legitimate companies that track your credit score such as Experian. They aren't scams, but you have to be careful about keeping track of the Free Trial offer so you won't actually get charged. Nowadays, the Credit Score gem offers are "paid", but when CC first came out most of them were "Free Trials".

The only thing I can't really say about it is the effect it has on your Credit Score; I'm not positive on it, but I think if you get a credit check more than once a year then it can drop some points on your Credit Score. Not sure on that, though.

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Battou1 replied at 8-31-2014 04:13 PM
The Credit Score offers for the most part are through legitimate companies that track your credit sc ...

ive heard that as well. not about to find out for some free gems! haha

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Battou1 replied at 8-31-2014 04:13 PM
The Credit Score offers for the most part are through legitimate companies that track your credit sc ...

They pay you yes but they always try to work in hidden fees. Also when u try to cancel, they make it extremely complicated and hard to reach. A few of my guildies have done this and say it lowers ur credit score if u get fee'd

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Mixed feelings about Tapjoy. Happy that its an option. Thoroughly repulsed by their lack of reliability.

A few specific situations...

I did the offer for Disney kids books (I know someone that wanted the books). It was about 1500 gems, and had a $4 fine print shipping cost which I was okay to pay. I got the gems but never got the books. After cancelling the service (which was very intentionally unnecessarily tricky) I contacted their support, notified them of not getting the books, and they returned my money. So 1500 gems for free...unless you count the headache and time wasted.

I did the offer to join that Japanese art site Pixiv. I think it was worth like 600 gems. It has a free first month but unless you cancel costs something ludicrous like $20 a month. I tried to cancel within 3-4 days, but the site's cancellation pages are in Japanese. Google translate made it manageable, but it still took a couple tries to finalize my account termination. This one made me a bit wary of any future foreign website offers.

I've done probably 50-100 apps/games for gems, and I've never really had much of a problem with them other than just not getting my gems about a fourth of the time.

I'm actually kinda tempted to do the credit score one on a 50% bonus day for 2500+ gems since I haven't had mine checked in a few years, anyway.

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Drew_Boivie(135 replied at 8-31-2014 05:16 PM
Mixed feelings about Tapjoy. Happy that its an option. Thoroughly repulsed by their lack of reliabil ...

I've done a few credit score ones; and I've not had issues except with one company, Gold something or whatever.

I stick w/ the credit score offers from well known companies, Experian, MyCreditScore, etc...Just be sure to cancel within a few days.

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I must say I've had mostly positive experiences with Tapjoy. Bought a couple of items I was going to get anyway and got a few thousand gems. For one of them the gems didn't show up because I used a different email account that's linked to paypal. Sent tapjoy a couple of emails with the confirmation info and got my gems four days later. Downloaded a ton of apps and most gems show up eventually. And yes I found CC through a tapjoy offer from another game!