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[Chat (Android)] Torch Battle Preview From Link

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The official Castle Clash account posted the following info on Link today.

Guild Wars - Torch Battle is now in the final stages of testing for the latest Castle Clash update. Let’s take a closer look at how this new feature breaks down!

How to Qualify
1.        To enter, you must create or be a member of a Guild.
2.        All members of Guilds that rank in the top 3,000 in the Guild Rank can participate in Torch Battle.
3.        Torch Battles begin every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 am and lasts 12 hours.
4.        The Guild Ranks are based off the calculation for that day.

How to Join
1.        While a Torch Battle is open, you can join by tapping your Guild, selecting Events, followed by selecting Torch Battles.
2.        When Torch Battles begin, Guilds will be divided into 10 groups based on their ranks. You can only capture Torches and have yours taken from other Guilds in the same group.
3.        Torches are earned by capturing them from other Guilds and guarding your own. Rewards are based on how many Torches your Guild owns when the battle ends.

How to Battle
1.        All Lv 20+ Heroes can take part in Torch Battles.
2.        You can capture Torches from any Guild within your group.
3.        Select your Heroes and capture Torches from opposing Guild. After taking a Torch, you must wait for your Heroes to return to base. This trip may take a few minutes. Heroes only move as fast as their MOV SPD allows.
4.        While the Hero is returning to base with the Torch, the defending Guild can send Heroes to intercept this attempt. When this happens, the two corresponding Heroes will engage in a one-on-one battle based on the Hero’s might. If the capturing Guild wins, the Hero will continue its return to base. If the interceptor wins, the Guild will be able to regain their lost Torch.
5.        Up to 10 Capture and Guard attempts for each player restore one at a time every 30 minutes. Entries are used regardless of whether the capture or guard attempt was successful.
6.        Heroes who are running with a Torch are unable to guard your base. These Heroes can only be used again in another attempt after it has successfully returned or was defeated by a guarding Hero.

Torch Battle Details
1.        When each round of Torch Battle begins, the Torches owned will be reset.
2.        The initial amount of Torches each Guild has depends on the Guild’s level. High level Guilds begin with more Torches.
3.        At Guild I, your Guild starts with 10 Torches. Every time the Guild level goes up, the initial number of Torches increases by 10.
4.        Your Guild can only hold up to twice as many Torches as their initial count. You can’t attempt to capture any more Torches once you reach your maximum.
5.        If a Torch Battle ends while you are still attempting to capture a Torch, you will have failed that capture.

In preparation of torch battles, check out this thread written by jdone to see which heroes are potentially the best: ... 59780&extra=&page=1

For further preparation check jdone's thread on which talents will likely work the best: ... 8524&extra=page%3D1

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Thanks for the info.

Cant wait for the update to come

some things I was not happy to see but some things that might help other players.

IGG Info:

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Sweet post.

I was so excited for Torch Battles and then I saw this

3. Torch Battles begin every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 am and lasts 12 hours.

I was hoping it was an everyday thing and around the clock :( For my timezone, it is from 9pm to 9 am :S

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do you know how these groups will be broken down?

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:( solo guilds = fail :( :( :(

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Thanks for info !! :D

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Whats the reward? Bragging rights?

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amp. any info bout aries

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krikara replied at 8-31-2014 10:22 PM
Sweet post.

I was so excited for Torch Battles and then I saw this

yes, i too am quite disapointed.   seriously disadvantages people who's wednesdays and saturdays are busy. not to mention most people that are not in the US.

I would prefer daily battles each with a start time staggered by a few hours later than the previous day's

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I wonder if the groups 'based on their ranks' will be based on credit rank or might rank or some weird combination of the two