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[Chat (Android)] Regarding Hijacked Accounts and Forum Rules

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Posted on 9/14/14 1:09:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello all,

We are aware of the recent fiasco related to hijacked accounts. Due to forum rules, we cannot openly discuss this content on IGG forums. See below for specifics or view the entire forum rules here:

[backcolor=rgb(249, 249, 249)]Posting Unreleased Content/Hacking Data Files/Private Servers  
[backcolor=rgb(249, 249, 249)]This category includes language and/or links to websites containing such language or images which:
[backcolor=rgb(249, 249, 249)]* Show unreleased in-game items, equipment, or areas that have been unlocked by hacking into client data files
[backcolor=rgb(249, 249, 249)]* Show the results of hacking or any tampering of the game's MPQ files
[backcolor=rgb(249, 249, 249)]* Discuss, or display any data not available through normal game play
[backcolor=rgb(249, 249, 249)]* Publish links to pirate servers, explaining how to build a private server.

Please be aware all threads discussing such activities including lists, websites, rumors, actions, or any other hack/hijack related topics will be removed immediately. Players found repeating topics will receive warnings to their account.

We ask that you DO NOT discuss your issues on the forum, rather, please PM a mod and we will forward the issue.

We hope to find resolution from Admins soon; please be patient. Thank you for your understanding.