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[Chat (Android)] Coming Soon to a Lost Realm near you!

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Looks good so far

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Nice !  Is that actually an original design ??

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Lost realms boss with red skirt awesome


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illidan warcraft with new faces

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Let the games begin ?

Let us enter the Age of Darkness
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Sneak Peek - A Survivor’s Tale

“As our squad stealthily navigated the thick foliage of the Lost Realm’s forests, we paused in our tracks at the sight of a blue-skinned demon at the edge of the forest’s cliffs. The demon hovered over the edge, scanning for enemies at the foot of the cliffs. It held a cruel-looking curved sword in one hand, and when it lay the sword against a rocky outcrop, the rock began to crumble into dust.

“The sight of the demon and its wicked weapon made us all tense up in fear, even our leader, Marauder. We were slowly retreating, when the creature unfurled its leathery wings and someone cried out in fear. The demon heard us then, and it turned around, bellowing a deafening roar. Marauder, brave Marauder, charged towards the fiend, but it batted him aside like he was nothing and watched with dark glee as he went tumbling down the cliff.

“Then it turned its attention to the rest of us.

Paralyzed by fear, I could only watch as the demon tore through our ranks.With a mighty swing of its weapon, the demon sent a powerful gust through the forest. My squadmates were tossed amongst the trees, and the demon walked amongst them, killing them at its leisure. All except for me. When it got to me and saw that I was the last one left, it just laughed and said, ‘Run.’

“What can we do? How can our Heroes stand up against the Lost Realm’s unspeakable Boss?”

This guy beat Marauder?

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Nice!!! Dang, thats one cool monster.

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Cool.  Can't wait to see it.

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waiting for this boss.........


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