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[Chat (Android)] Guide to Beating Guild Boss 4

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Can perma silence be achieved without santa? I got all others required but no it possible?

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This is a good guide.
I was asked by Doug to comment at the time but I was lazy to do so. Although it is old news and people have mastered boss 4, I will add a few comments so that new players can benefit even further.

Strategy 3 -- scatter. This is not possible. We had quite a few cc friends trying over time with 88 scatter hero in the team plus more high scatter heroes. Nothing ever worked

strategy 2 -- perm slow. You can pull off a variety of ways to do this. Is not necessary for santa to proc on the first hit to get a perm slow, but as doug mentioned is much harder to achieve it if santa doesnt proc on first hit. But not impossible.  A perm slow strategy will give you the highest damage in a single run. My best run was 151.5 m and I believe highest ever that was achieved.
you can crest everyone SD, apart from Aries.
Perm slow is achievable with both 88 zerk pd (easier) and revit pd. I have tested the latter just to make sure.

important point:there is no strategy where you can last 3 minutes if you take scatter crest off aries.
also, you cannot last 3 minutes if you dont have aries.

strategy 1 -- perm silence. Just note that doug explains his drop. that particular drop is dependant on his talents. It will not be exactly the same for every player as talent vary. You just have to adjust your drop to fit your team. I just felt I would clarify that point as new players might try to do the exact same drop.

Also, as Doug explains, using fw and a tank makes things smoother as it gives you more time to avoid boss hitting you when aries calamity is off. Subsequently you can pull of a high damage round of around 140m with using a team like pd cupid fw sz santa immo. You dont even need moltanica in order to survive and get a very high damage round :)
the best team to last 3 minutes for strategy 1 which is the most common and easiest, would be pd cupid fw santa aries moltanica and ld crest on your tank, preferably pd.

And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
They were, those people, a kind of solution
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You back?