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[Chat (Android)] Hero feedback: we want to hear you!

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Castle Clash has added an extensive variety of characters to our altars on past years.
Heroes that comes from different mythologies and folklores: Gods, dragons, vampires, samurais, angels, demons, shamans, and other characters related with specific festivities.

Now that we are so close of the 5th Anniversary of the game, we would love to count with your feedback about Heroes related features. 

What do you think about the most recent Heroes and skills added to the game?. 
Do you have in mind an specific skill you would like to see inside Castle Clash?.
What are your thoughts about Heroes appearance?. 
And last, but not least, what kind of Skin you like most? and if you have any idea for a future skin, feel free to share it with us too. 

Thanks in advance for your feedback, clashers!.

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I don't really care about all the creative stuff. But I would like to see a boss 5 or something along those lines for anyone who spends say 2 mil. The same old destroyer mino sm gets old. They are useless heros. They should really reward the ones that paid salaries and light bills. Idk,, something truly awesome and next to unbeatable. I have seen 1 destroyer being used in the last year as a fill in hero. I personally never use mine.

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1. About skins: I want to see more badass/freaky skins and fewer skins that look like dolls you'd find in a ten year old's collection. (Trixie, Gunslinger, Michael, I'm looking at you!)

Lady Leo: Put her in leathers on a motorcycle
Siren: shark teeth - scary carnivorous mermaid
Succubus: witch with green skin and black pointed hat
Dovekeeper: cyborg with robot birds
Candy Kane: roller derby

2. Make it easier to get skin scraps - put them on the Friendly Hearts wheel, and in the warehouse to purchase. Put them in prize chests.

3. Soulstones are rubbish. Nobody likes them. They are a waste of time. Either revamp the whole system, let us sell soulstones for some other currency, let us exchange one hero's soulstones for another's so we have a hope of someday EVER getting an entire hero... SOMETHING!

4. I'd love to have more backgrounds, around the 50 coupon price. Most of them are just too expensive.

5. I haven't gotten to play with the new talents, because I've never rolled one at higher than level one. What if there was a way to roll talents at a 2-5 level, like there is with Traits? 

6. What's the deal with that 'Coming Soon' door in Guild Events that has been there for years?

7. I love Professor Ribbit! Such a great design - anything that combines a giant monster and a female hero is a win in my book! More monsters and more women!

8. Speaking of female heroes, shouldn't we have a Valkyrie in our lineup? 

9. Add some more of the older heroes to the 'buy with shards' option.

10. Happy anniversary! I love this game! My husband and I play it together, and we really enjoy it. :)

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Happy 5th Anniversary!

        I wrote a lot but I put a good amount of thought into this and I hope everyone likes the ideas and thoughts :D! Feel free to ask me any questions for clarification.

“What do you think about the most recent Heroes and skills added to the game?”

- Professor Ribbit - I like the invincible frog, but the AoE is pretty weak in damage compared to other heroes AoE. I think it would have been cooler if the frog would eat the highest health enemy hero for five seconds and store it in its belly and spit it out wherever it happened to be jumping at the time instead of the AoE damage. This would make the frog more unique and different than Rock and Sas. Then give Professor Ribbit an ability where she throws out exploding positions around her or something for the AoE damage. The moment of invincibility is nice, but then she goes squish.

- Storm Eater - his ability rocks! I love the damage reduction and stun. I only wish it looked different. Storm Eater kinda looks like a constellation god and I wish his ability looked more like a black hole with cosmic swirls around it.

- Cirrina - Her ability is great! The heal, the snipe, the damage resist, and the damage buff all make her a very versatile character with many uses. I also like that the damage buff and resistance can go to pets. I haven’t seen if it can go to Espirita’s pet yet but I assume so. That would rock if you can get it to cast on the pet although it seems to target the lowest health creature every three seconds which is generally the best when you only have heroes out, but a pain when it goes on a dove from Dove Keeper, but part of the challenge of playing her as a hero.  

- Dover Keeper - Her ability is awesome. Great for snipping and tanking yet Ghoulem can eat her up pretty quick even with the damage reduction which I think makes her nice and balanced.

- Espirita - Love her ability. I can’t wake to make all the monsters in a dungeon vanish once.  

- Sasquatch - I don’t have him yet, but his ability seems to rock.

- Athene - Her ability looks awesome as heck! I had pictured an ability like this back in the day but it was for a Wizard or Constellation type creature and the spell was called “Star caller” and it brought down shooting stars (looked like a shooting star, not the star shape) on random enemies. She seems like she has great niches here and there.

- Creation-01 - I’m not sure on this guy. I’ve rolled him two times ><, but I really don’t like his design so I haven’t even opened him up yet to be honest xD The way he walks, his big bobbing head, just not a fan of him.

- Wallawalla - this hero’s ability is awesome! Heals, removes buffs, and increases attack of 4, damages, reduce healing, slows 5. Good replacement for those ice demons and molts.

“Do you have in mind a specific skill you would like to see inside Castle Clash?”

1- Teleporters! A hero who teleports to a new area once he/she gets to 50% life or something.
2 - Spell Caster/Wizard - a hero who does like 1 of 5 random spells every time his/her energy bar gets full. Maybe at level 8-9-10 she/he would cast 2 of her/his 5 spells at once.

3 - Mind control/Confuse! - A hero who uses can confuse the enemy into attacking its allies/joining side with your team.

4 - Spell Steal - A hero who steals enemy buffs and applies them to him/herself and allies.

5 - Necromancer! - A hero that raises dead minions from the ground to fight. Also casts bone shield on allies that absorbs X number of hits.

6 - Cthulu! - I once thought of a joke back in 2016 that was a joke about power inflation or power creep. Cthulu was going to be a hero with 8/8 revive, wargod, bulwark, stoneskin, faster energy recovery. He would attack up to 100 enemy units and stun them for 3 seconds with a 50% chance to mind control them for 5 seconds to fight for your side. His ability would look like greenish tentacles that came from the ground, much like Cirrina’s.

7 - some type of robot hero/ancient mechanism hero. I made one back during a create a hero event in March of 2016, still would like to see one :D

Here is my revamped picture xD I added the ancient looking mechanism hero from Yu Gi Oh. (To see my original event entry search "[Event] [Forum Event] Create a Hero" page 3 and scroll down)

“What are your thoughts about Heroes appearance?”

My thoughts on Hero appearances are mixed. Some I think are great, and others I am worried are moving too much toward a Disney appearance.

I love the look of some heroes like Anubis! He is a pretty sweet design and fits right in next to Serpent Queen and fits well in Castle Clash. Shout out to Cordi for that creation! The built in sprint on him would have been nice!   
And then there is Creation-01… Cool name, but I can’t stand his design. His head bobs too much and is way too big compared to the rest of him. I just don’t like the way he walks. I get he’s supposed to be a lumbering dolt but I would rather have something a bit more creepy and patch worked.

The faces on human heroes vary quite a bit. Older heroes tend to have smaller faces and eyes. Thunder God, Aries, Paladin, Champion, even Frost Witch (Lets exclude Cupid since he is a baby with wings and ⅓ of a babies body is like their head. Then the heroes started to get very large eyes and bigger heads/faces. Mike has a huge head and eyes. His eyes are as big as DD’s eye patch.

Castle Clash has a lot of cute heroins, and I’m all for that, but all tend to have that Disney Princess complexion with no blemishes. Maybe Mechtessa could have some grease on her forehead and a cheek and Athene could have a battle scar from Aries. Maybe we could get an undead female necromancer who kinda looks like Revenant. Maybe a war torn female barbarian.

“And last, but not least, what kind of Skin do you like the most? And if you have any idea for a future skin, feel free to share it with us too.”

The skins I like the most are skins that change the appearance of the character but that appearance still fits in the realm of Castle Clash and doesn’t change the look of the character too much. Skins I like are Demogorgon’s, Moltanica’s, Valentina’s, and Grimfiend’s.

Examples of ones I don’t like are Michael’s, Anubis’, and Skull Knight’s skin. Michael’s self promoting t-shirt should be a free skin for logging on during an anniversary. I also think you could have made his skin a death or demon type angel. Anubis becomes a football player which takes me out of the realm of CC. Skull Knight becomes a gladiator with flesh yet his head is still a skull? I’m not a fan of it. Wish his skin was more like Skeletica’s skin where he would get all gold and white and maybe have a hidden face like Tyrael’s from Diablo 2.

Skins I would like to see in the future would be those that fit in the realm of Castle Clash more and or skins that are darker. I know some people like their nurse, chef, and football skins, but I like skins that look just as cool as the character themselves.

Some skin examples:

Love Dove skin - Undying love skin - zombie love dove skin cuts and bone showing on face, ghostly/haunting/gastly blue eyes, doves that are just bones or bats.

Pumpkin Duke - Horror of Pumpkin skin - a scary version of PD, ghastly green light coming from a scary teeth pumpkin face. Longer scythe claws, torn cape, maybe creepier legs.

Athene - Star Caller Skin - Looks like a constellation and skill effect looks thinner and looks like maybe five different types of a shooting star you can see in the night sky.

Gunslinger - Outlaw Skin - A western look with even a cigar or flask, maybe a patch on the eye.  

Anubis - Mechanical God Skin - Kinda make him look like a golden Chozo from Metroid.
Anubis - Eternal Life Skin - A zombified version of Anubis where he is showing bone and has a more green and ghastly appearance to him.

Espirita - Soul Trapper Skin - Espirita would look darker, have some runes painted on her face. Maybe be holding some type of soul trapping and glowing lantern. Her spirit would have three heads.

Cirrina - Cthulhu skin - this skin looks like Cthulhu, changes ability to green tentacles. See buffs at hero number 6 above xD

Really hope everyone likes my input and ideas! Would love to hear back from anyone. Thanks for taking the time to read!


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I want a laser tower(building) thats kills doves so wally (skin)can bake them in an oven to feed more and special builders(base almost completely done so this should unlock special buildings with all kind of powers, buffs etc)

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Hi there. I would like to suggest bringing in the Chinese server exclusive heroes into our English server. Good reason: Destiny map expansion tallied with every server and more heroes to play with :)

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Only good skin is pk...ghl not bad
The skins are terrible....when roninwas getting a skin we were expexting some bad ass samurai instead we got joe pesci with a baseball bat....and it just got worse n worse.
The skins are bad to look at

Pumpkin head
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Meyby you can add hero witch name necromancer who will bee summon skieletons and skin for espirita - shadow espirita witch purple clotches and light purple demon. You can change ronin evolve viev, its terrible red hairs and chestplate vitchout samuraj helmet. Plis remember its game for warriors and we need great heroes not dolls!

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.You can also add an elfin mage that will spawn the souls of trees and roots popping out from under the earth. the appearance will resemble espirite only she will have green robes and brown hair.

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Hey, me again. At school, I came up with a different idea for the character. her name was Lich, I leave the look to you. As for the skill, it would be the resurrection of fallen enemies, units in the form of zombies, and heroes in the form of phantoms. At the first level of skill, there would be a 10% chance of resurrection, and so by 5 or 10% with each subsequent level of skill. I would also like to ask all the originators to get at least one character they invented. Good luck, says DarkaSoulus.