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[Chat (Android)] Which hero to work on for ID 6 , lava 3 and HBM??

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Posted on 7/27/20 7:53:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

might 130k
f2p(spent 0.99$)once during anniversary event
HBM T,  ID 5-10 3 flamed. currently do lava 2 .

my altar:
pd 180lvl, 11/11 skill, 7 regenrate, 9/10 zerk
walla 180 lvl 8/10, 8/10 fg, 5 revive

evo 180 lvl:
vlad, dd , cosmo, skull knight, sasquatch, grim

evo 160 lvl:
demon stalker, ronin , ghol


160 lvl:
druid, pk,aries,tg, beast tamer, warlock, skeletica

140 lvl:
trixie treat, grizzly reaper, succubus

other new rolled heroes lvl less than 100:
young spark, esprita , asura, jumbear , creation 01 , ma hatma
bogey man, lil nick, athene , mechtessa , storm eater , rowdy rascal 
plant warrior , death knight, pixie, siren , candy kane , arctica , 
lady leo, dracx, demogorgon , tree ,  hotshot , cirrina.

P.S. got the three dragons(demo, arctica, skelly) from bazzar . not looking to spend money further.

I have bolded heroes names which i got within 10 days(of this post).

Posted on 7/27/20 12:18:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here are imo heroes which can be useful in dungeons, but they must be devo asap. You can also use it in raids but it al depend how high your might is. Of course you can replace some for RR, BM, Jumbear, Ronin, but it is all up to you. 

Walla, Rosa, Sasq, Skelly, DS, PD, 

- Walla is best healer right now, needed everywhere, FG/SL is ok
- Rosa for event hero is good tank when build properly. Def talents and insignia like above for example
- Sasq is also great tank, maybe not that good as Rosa, but his skill helps a lot freezing opponents. You will change him for Lazu or Fox. Def talents also
- Skelly is still good hero on lower might accs when build with def talents/insignia. I have it on second acc, and it can kill with one skill weaker Lava on cooldown as long as it is offensive, not defensive lava. It happens like 40% of time,
- DS is good hero also, and soon you will be able to devo him, add relics which will make him stronger. But if he will die too quickly, change for hero i wrote above, he need WA/DC with SL for example
- PD is a mist hero for dungeons, even for raids bud need protection. Mine have Empower/SL, rut Regenerate/Sl is also good

Here are some other good heroes, which you can use on other game modes sooner or later:
- Cosmo, Rowdy Rascals, Bogeyman, SE, Nick, Athene, Jumbear, TT, BT, Rockno, Ronin. 

Forget about others, it is not worth.

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Posted on 7/27/20 11:00:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I suggest Walla, DD, PD, Rosa, Cosmo and Mahatma

Soon if u have gunslinger, lvl her up asap she's useful

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Posted on 8/9/20 12:15:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

thanks Cichociemiak now doing lava 4 and sweeping HBM AE but still need to 3 flame ID 6-10 got rune master and ripper recently. are they worth the resource and can list top 15 hero to upgrade. again thanks in advance

P.S. reposting to bump the thread.

Posted on 8/10/20 8:37:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Whats the problem you having with ID6-10 (this is the one with the 4 AD at the centre right)? Is it surviving or not been able to kill those AD in time? Beside those AD (powerful and with a ton of HP), there is no other threat except for a AC totem (slightly up and left from the centre).  If its the surviving thing, you could do a full spread out drop (pd is last and doom balloon on 1 of the heroes).  You should get 80-90% before confronting the AD, few activation of db and it should be done (the AD move slow and will gather at the closest hero-protect that hero with magic). If you going for the AD kill, then drop all your hero at the same spot away from the AC totem, bring magic frenzy, rain of arrow, meteor and ss and again db on one of the hero. Hero varies depending on which method you going to use.

Posted on 8/10/20 9:13:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Heroes and drop for ID6-10. Use 4 range hero, 1 tank and pd. Drop 2 range hero(walla, rune) starting at the top (walla slightly to the right and rune slightly to the left).  Drop the tank (SK) + range(grim) together on the left <-these 2 will break through the wall faster than the top 2 range hero and will drawn the AD. Drop your 5th hero(range prefer) at the bottom slightly to the right and drop your pd at the far right (he should be safe). You should be able to clear most of the building before making contact with the AD.