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[Chat (Android)] Epic Hero Series

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Posted on 12/2/20 12:17:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Each update has the ability to make relevant things obsolete and other things relevant.  So as of now;

*Which of the Epic Hero series are actually worth investing time and resources in.
*What is the best build(s)? - Talent/Insignia/Equipment/Pet/Traits
*What is the best usage?
*At what point do they become relevant?

~Demon Stalker
~Young Spark
~Boa Queen
~Water Priestess
~Mad Inventor
~Axe Punisher
~Cold Heir
~Royal Mummy
~Grief Harpist

Thanks in advance for your time and participation.


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Posted on 12/2/20 10:16:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So based on my experience with epic heros I only feel that 5 of them are worth investing in and using. Those 5 are Dynamica(duh), axe punisher, cold heir, water priestess, and massacre. Good builds that I have found for them are dyna-dc+sl+hc+acc for offense and Overbound Bow+wa/sl+hc/hs+acc for defense and as a pet use droggo/bellicose bull/brave croc, axe punisher-revive and empower/revitalize+hs+acc for gw/expeditions and overbound bow and sacred light+hs and acc for every other game mode and as a pet use bellicose bull or droggo, cold heir-dragons cover+sl+hc+acc for offense and overbound bow+wicked armor+hc+acc for defense and for a pet run headless knight or dire wolf, water priestess-sacred light and empower+hc+hp for defense/lbf and Overbound bow+sl+hc+hp for offense and for a pet run radiant hawk or cute kitsune, massacre-flame guard/sacred light+ wicked armor+hr/hc+acc and for a pet run brave croc/bellicose bull. Dynamica is good for all game modes, axe punisher is good for all game modes, cold heir is good for defense and raids, water priestess is good for raids/arena/lbf, massacre is good for raids/arena/lbf. All of these heros can be used at any point in the game.

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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