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[Chat (Android)] Discount Store 1.8.51

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The reality is that things do change and those pet essence are available in multiple places ingame.


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Well that 1500 tomes to 800 tomes hurts a lot :(

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For me personally changes made are pointless, since i am only looking at it with at least -70% discount, which is not happening often. I prefer to keep tokens for more reliable events, where i know what i am getting, not where i can guess, and hope i will get something good. 
Overall when i am checking rewards i am not that much interested in this event. Yeah, sure when i am getting high discount i am picking every good item i can, but still odds of getting something good are already low which makes me not much interested in this event.
Although i think there were something for something rule. Lower amount of interesting items in exchange for adding some new wanted items, which are already hard to find.

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Oh wow this is huge. Those new epic hero ss boxes, magic powder, and adeptness codex are huge. I dont have lost realm 21+ so I cant wait to get the new insigs on dyna and my other heros.

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