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[Chat (Android)] Is castle clash dying?

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Posted on 12/31/20 7:01:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have just watched an Angrysagamer video saying why castle clash servers might go down.  
I really hope this will not happen since I love the game and I don't want this to happen

Please don't shut castle clash down IGG:(

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Posted on 12/31/20 8:07:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

looks like we will meet here too hello void

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Posted on 12/31/20 8:12:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

No the game isnt dying why would it?
based on angry's logic [content removed by FirstLady] the game is still active and enjoyable ( so dont listen too him he makes great content thats for sure but nah the game aint dying)
We might have not gotten any events or accumulation in the past few days but that doesnt say it
I still like the game and enjoy it daily as p2p and f2p
certainly not android as it is their most used platform/server
igg can close small servers like they did to fb

also igg is improving the game a lot lately
they should've done this earlier but they're still doing it
only thing that i would like to see changed is no more montly heroes once per 3 months should be enough..

third over the years simulair things like this has happened
and we all said the game is gone next year but its still here
and its the same right now... it will still be around next year

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Posted on 12/31/20 9:24:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

A lot of people are shocked and confused...that's for sure. It's true we haven't received any news from IGG beforehand and many were waiting to cash out tapjoy 2x rewards on accumulation days, which were almost constant for the past week. We also haven't received any Wegamers Christmas bundle, which have been given before. Also Android server didn't get any free Christmas gifts, compared to a viral screenshot from other server. I'm too extremely puzzled by this move of IGG. But making an assumption that it will be shutting down seems rather extreme. When u think about it they spent a lot of time and money into the new epics, prestige and we see all rewards for various events being changed. And not to mention codex and adeptness. Following logic - IGG has invested a lot in new features and further development of the game. Why would it close? It hasn't even had the chance to get   good return profit on the new things...imo. So let's all just relax and take the time to enjoy the holidays with loved ones and not stress about this :)

Posted on 12/31/20 9:35:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Many times before we said that, and nothing like that was true.
CC will not be closed as long as it will be profitable for company. Right now nothing seems this way, therefore we don't have to worry about that. Although every year someone is making video or post about that, and this topic is returning like boomerang every year.
So imo just don't pay attention to that. Each person say whatever that person want, but it doesn't mean it will happen. 
Therefore just enjoy game, and don't think about it.

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Posted on 12/31/20 9:36:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

No, they're not going to close the game. I can understand there's less events since IGG is taking a break because it's holidays and they do minimum services in case there is a problem in the game (server crash, bugs, etc).

When Holidays finish events/acumulación gems will be back.

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Posted on 12/31/20 10:58:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes, there haven't been any accumulation packs or certain events have been missing. However, IGG had just released a few sneak peaks of a new dragon and I doubt that they will cancel this update. This is certainly a possible explanation for the lack of deals in the bazaar because they might just simply be saving for a huge New Year's Deal or a giant Dragon release update. This will definitely be more profitable than a few small sales and IGG knows this. Trust me, there will be a lot more deals and events tomorrow, just you wait.

Posted on 12/31/20 11:27:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In response to your question: "Is castle clash dying?"

Realistically speaking from the point of inception everything consistently moves towards death....Nothing lives forever, not even Castle Clash.  However no one really ever knows when the last breath will be drawn, so imho  NO!!


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Posted on 12/31/20 12:10:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If I wasn't in the forum I'd never know "IGG sucks" or "Castle Clash is dying" or whatever. I used to play Clash of Gangs (was there before here) and I was quite involved in that forum. Same stuff there as here. However, when it was actually being closed, IGG told us IN-GAME that this was happening, with months of notice and the option to get rewards in another game (hence I switched here).

In other words, if they do ever decide to close down this cash cow they have (at least on Android) we will find out first in-game. Yes, it will shut down one day, but not imminently.

Castle Clash is dead! Long live Castle Clash!

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