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I am not getting gold last 3 times

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In case you didn't know this game is basically random in it's function.  That is to say that the chances of obtaining anything is random.  Sometimes you will acquire very quickly while other times it will be a long drawn out process.  Good Luck!


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What server is this? Im on android and somehow we didnt have treasure mining and carnival cake :(

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Last time i aimed for gold chest was what i have used around 40k gems to get it. After that i said "no more" and now I'm only using 6-9k gems to get silver, sometimes 10k if there is cause event and rewards for 10k is good enough. But still no gold chest from that amount on both accounts.

My advice?? Don't aim to get gold chest if you have limited gems. Even if you will get it, you will dramatically lower your gems amount. It is really not worth. It is better to spend 6-9k every week to get multiple silver chests than use 30k for gold and wait long time till you will get it. Coins are also very important.

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It's luck to get the 3 chest with few gems. I try to get always the silver chest to get the coins events (my top priority).

I usually spend 4-11k gems, in rollings of 5 and the last gems (1-2K) I try rolling one by one in case I'm lucky to get the gold. Sometimes I get all chest, and others only 2.

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