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[Chat (Android)] what happened with game engine?

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Posted on 1/20/21 11:35:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Im free player from 2013 and after last update I have
huge problem, for example, with 3 stars victory in Blitz Gauntlet (needed to finish quest). Before update I easy won all battles with my heroes, but now its very, very hard. I didnt change my teams and another important things. Something was changed. I dont know what, but now, for another example, all players destroy my base 100% , when before update a lot of raiders destroyed my base under 50%.

So, anyone have the same problems? Is game finished for f2p players? :)

Posted on 1/20/21 12:40:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

With each update new heroes, talents, insignia and methods to level the aforementioned are released.  The most recent update only had [2] new heroes and a new talent, but December's update introduced the indeptness feature and [5] new insiginas.  I dare say it took approximately a month before you are seeing the affects of these new changes on your base, and perhaps it is time to do some changes to your heroes, talents and base.


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Posted on 1/20/21 1:10:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes, maybe its time to do some changes, but last update IMHO was diffrent. I understand that new talents, heroes and insignias, but... look - short after update (short = few hours)  I cant win any battle 100%. Any. Its imposible that all ppl changed talent, heroes etc. in this time. My Axe Punisher (10 lvl orderbound talent and activated second talent, 13lvl skill, 34bt, HC) easy could solo destroy enemy base but after update his efficency is under hmm... 20%?  My Zeph (I tried many talents/insignas combinations) dies easy at any battle starts.  Maybe "random" enemy is calculated now diffrent algorithm and after update I play against much stronger players... in my opinion its very propably because now I lose almost each battle. V

Posted on 1/20/21 6:44:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is possible that opponents are calculated in different way, therefore you are facing much stronger opponents. Problem is that this is just my guess, and i am not sire if this is true. Best option would be to ask Live Support if they know about changed in Blitz selection opponents.
But i think something changed cause at least for me i can also face stronger opponents and than i need to lower my points to fight again without too much problem.

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