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[Chat (Android)] how about the trde shop

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Posted on 2/4/21 2:25:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

when the trade shop can be update in the future also the gems can trde in at the trde shop..when this gonna be update..

EDIT: shop are restock
2.prestige point game have more than 5 mode play but get limit in daily
3.gems just for speedup building n rolling hero.
4.always in update just put new hero,pets or iem to use upgrade.
5.nothing chnge in update that all GM say for IMPROVEMENT and FEATURES.
6.update new hero and just make full at the Hero Altars.
7.Old hero after new update only stay in the hero altars
8.make update with same character with different look example grizzly reaper,aries,ripper,boa queen,dove keeper,rosalen,dracula,aplphamech all are the same with different look.

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Posted on 2/4/21 2:40:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good question, I don't think anyone has the answer to your inquiry since we don't know the minds of IGG.


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Posted on 2/4/21 3:08:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Question is what would you suggest to be added? Suggestions are welcomed but they need to be precise, not general informations. Therefore write what you would like to add and we can discuss it.

2. Limit is not bad thing. Not all have time to hit all modes or don't want to participate some modes. Now we can pick what we want. 
3. Also talents, traits, enchantments etc and this is good thing. If you have all heroes where would you use your gems it not on what i write above? 
4. Yes she's new hero, pets, talent but also some fixes, adjustments, sometimes new modes 
5. Really nothing?? Care to explain more? 
7. This is used to be. Since you can use 6 to 15 heroes at time, older will not be used anymore except garrisons, totems or assists. 
8. I don't think devs will touch heroes which were already released long time ago. Improvements and new features are not thing which is often. Especially be features. 

Thanks for your opinion

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Posted on 2/4/21 7:58:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see this guy everywhere, with the same comment.

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Posted on 2/4/21 12:19:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@Yul52, The forum is sub-divided into sections for a specific purpose.  Should you wish to create a suggestions post we also have a section for that, and I suggest that it be clear and concise whereas those in the position to make it happen can follow your ideas.

I have seen multiple unclear posts which present themselves as both questions and suggestion and unfortunately since we here in the forum are not the game GMs, Devs or OPs teams we can only speculate as to the correct responses.  Further re-posting the same content in multiple threads throughout multiple sections is nothing less then spamming and will only result in a banned / muted account.  

Finally demanding that something you suggest be implemented in the next update is unreasonable and highly unlikely.  Should you have any questions regarding how to correctly navigate the forum please feel free to ask.  I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here with us.

Happy Clashing!


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