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[Chat (Android)] Question: Universal Team

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Posted on 2/11/21 2:41:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As we all know the game changes with each new update, and I am at a point where I want to update my core team.  I am not much into changing up heores & talents for each game mode, so I am looking for a core team that can easily navigate most game modes without any edits.  This would include talents/insignia/pets and ultimately traits.  I do have all heroes (excluding the [2] newest release) at maxed devo but would also appreciate any subs you might feel appropriate when changing from offense to defense.  As always thank you for any assistance you might be able to offer.:)


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Posted on 2/12/21 9:59:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

*Correction: I have all the heroes8-)


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Posted on 2/15/21 1:45:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm gonna give my 2cents on this one
( but I'm pretty sure you already got this yourself )

Firstly congrats on getting all heroes ( RNG god really likes you lol )
I'll suggest 5 heroes that I'm using daily in many situations.
(Raids/HBM/Hero Trial/Base Defense) ( And ofc T-HBM/T-Dungeons )

Dyna ( Orderbound + Empower + Lawful shield + HC ), Serpent + ACC
        ( survives long enough to wipe out most enemies, even in T-Hbm )

Zeph ( Vigorous Fury + Flame guard + Tyranny + HR), Croc (crit pet) + ACC
        ( Crit's constantly above 900K while surviving against Dyna )

Axe  ( Wind's Guidance + Nimble + Inspire + Energy surge ), Kitsune + Dodge
       ( With this setup , you cant really kill him > unless ofc you have 40K acc)

Walla ( Dragons cover + Flame Guard/Empower + HC ), Hawk + Dodge
        ( Prevents him from killing himself in HBM-modes and lives for quite a while)

Anubis (Wicked Armor + Sacred Light + Lawful shield + HC ), Drake + ACC
          (Essential for Hero trials/and raids, + makes your team survive longer)
6th hero could be the newest Dragon, but I haven't seen him in action ( yet )

For now these heroes are sitting on my base,with the addition of Rambard.
And according on my defense log, It's a great defense team.
 I've been laughing hard at replays of ppl dropping all top heroes and every single one drops dead almost instantaneously lolz.
( if someone is interested in seeing those I'll gladly post )

It's not really as you say "Universal team, but it can be used in at least 4 game-modes,
Lost battlefield and other heavy PvP oriented modes need some specific tweaks.

Raiding is quite easy with this team, Anubis/Zeph combo easily wipes out the troops enabling Dyna/Axe to clear out the base in a matter of seconds.
Hero Trials are cakewalk (for those daily tasks), Regular Team-HbM/Dungeons are easy no matter what you run, while Expert ones need some DPS Heroes/setups
( that would be another post / if you're interested at all )

Posted on 2/16/21 10:08:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So my I have a few go to teams for game modes depending on what I want to do(hero kill, base bomb, stall etc.) For raids I normally use 
Lady Weldcore-DC talent, Wa insig, Zero in/chaos armor spar, Holy conviction/Hyper strength enchantment, accuracy traits, 
Dynamica-Overbound bow talent, Wa insig, Lawful shield spar, holy conviction enchantment, accuracy traits, 
Cold heir-DC/WA talent, Sacred light insignia, Zero in/Lawful shield spar, Holy conviction enchantment, Accuracy traits, 
Axe punisher-Overbound bow talent, empower insignia, lawful shield spar, holy holy conviction enchantment, accuracy traits, 
Walla Walla-Sacred light talent, stone skin insignia, lawful shield/chaos armor spar, holy conviction enchantment, hp/dodge traits, 
Rune Master-Dragons cover talent, Sacred light insignia, lawful shield/chaos armor spar, holy conviction enchantment, accuracy traits. 
For defense I just replace axe punisher for athene-Dc tal, empower insignia, lawful/chaos spar, hc enchantment, hp traits. I also give a empower insig to everyone but dyna(though if you dont feel like putting emp on everyone you dont have to, athene can manage). 
For arena I replace axe for mummy-dc tal, emp insig, chaos armor spar, hc enchantment, accuracy traits. 
For wailing rift/thbm replace Lady Weldcore for gunslinger-arch demon build-sunder,bf,pyro, attack, and walla for rambard-sacred light tal, emp insig, chaos/lawful spar, hc enchantment, hp/crit resist traits. 
For team dungeons/lonely sea/lost realm I use dyna, axe, gunslinger, rambard, pumpkin duke-regen/dc tal, vamparic grail insignia, hyper strength enchantment, attack traits. 
For most other game modes(gw,narcia,LBF, Labyrinth) I use much more diverse heros and builds but for 5-6 hero game modes these heros and builds are what I have been using for the past little while and they all survive great and can kill most teams I go against at 1.3 million might so if you are higher you might have trouble but if not then these teams should work.

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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