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[Chat (Android)] Asking for defense players

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Posted on 3/18/21 1:48:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Anybody can give me tips for wall defense? Like I want gear to be able to with take a rally because I have high might answer I am almost always rallied. I do not get solo attacks anymore. So I really don’t know if I can do traps anymore that is why I don’t know if I should build ivory chokers but I do have three blight rings now. Any suggestions?

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Posted on 3/18/21 2:01:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First the suggestions section is for players to offer suggestions to IGG.  Next perhaps you should upload pics of your base and altar so that members can give you comprehensive responses.


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Posted on 3/18/21 2:19:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If you want to make perfect defense, you would have to make it from strongest autoproc heroes with empower insignia and good talents. Those would have to be maxed to hit hard often and have lots of hp to survive a lot. Best if those heroes had Zero In also to go through capped damage heroes.
As for base heroes need to be scattered imo, so for example Fox would hit only one at time. This would allow others to take care of enemy not being immobilized. I know this is very general advice, but we don't know what heroes you have, and how your base looks like.

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