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[Chat (Android)] Inquisitess and Barbarian Rider seem great on paper?

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Posted on 3/22/21 4:49:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Up until now I haven't been investing in the new hero type, but I'm starting to have enough of them that destiny is possible to get a few stars.  Does anyone have any experience to share in terms of epic heroes that are gamechanging? Barbarian Rider looks like she can take down anyone in 1 shot if she isn't debuffed and is max destiny and inquisitess looks like a great tank.  I have a decent Michael to buff barbarian, but just took my first hero to BT35 and that was Bloody Mary.  Are any of the other Epics waaayyy better than all the other legends?

Posted on 3/22/21 8:15:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just about every epic hero is better than legendary heros with the exception of a select few. The top epics that should be used for everything and can replace most legendary heros in my opinion are dyna(obviously), axe punisher, colo, water priestess, lady weldcore, vermilica, inquisitness, royal mummy, cold heir, massacre, and barbarian rider. Inquis and Barb are both great heros. Barb can kill just about every hero in game if given a full dmg build and can tank pretty hard if given full dr. Inquis on the other hand is great for tanking and dmg dealing since the dmg she deals out is based on the dmg she takes.

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Barbarian Rider is legit, can kill any hero with her proc if timed right. Try other builds on her to make it work.  As for Inquis, her flaw lies in the fact her dopple doesn’t clone green stats of other heroes. So there is no boost to these heroes stats and it’s ultimately just cloning a devo lvl 200 pre breakthrough