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[Chat (Android)] Castle Clash cheats players. They banned me and covered each other

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Posted on 7/22/21 6:43:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello.  When something went wrong, I contacted live support ingame.  They replied to me that someone accessed the account and deleted it.
The next day, they replied to me that it was deleted by the player.
Then you guys banned my secondary accounts, Made me have to factory reset my phone to get into the main account.
Then 2 days later Raiden 2954 - advanced support told me your relic has been deleted and cannot be restored.  Your system does not have that feature.  OMG.  And then he was silent, not daring to answer the player.
Now you answer again that the player does not own it.  Why is a big company like IGG doing such sloppy business, they look down on customers and don't respond to players' messages.
Now you are lying to me that you don't have a company address in Hong Kong and want to send me a gift.  OMG.  You think I need those gifts.  I found your company address and you lied to customers again.  I will continue to save it as evidence to sue.  I will post all the content of every chat on all forums and social networks to let everyone know about Castle Clash - the scammer.

Posted on 7/22/21 6:46:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is the address of the scammer.

Posted on 7/23/21 5:20:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Upon official inquiries, what you said is not true, if you have questions about the checking result, you can continue to submit relevant evidence to the Customer Service for further checking.

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