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[Chat (Android)] RIP Tapjoy, RIP CC?

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Posted on 8/2/21 4:33:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good job igg! i hate tapjoy because tapjoy giving good offers only for US and European players only.. that's why other regions players using US vpn app to do tapjoy and get banning from tapjoy..

Posted on 8/4/21 8:34:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I also don't like their decision. Back in the days, like 2015/2016, these tapjoy-events (i dont know if it was the same partner) had a lot of bugs and I never got my rewards (was playing on Android GER).
But i started from scratch once again on Android US not even 90 days ago. I earned around 90k gems just by tapjoy and only had one issue, which got solved two days later.
All the accumulation, plant for prices, treasure mining and other bonus events brought me to over 540k might and still having a full inventory with essences, blessed tomes, runes etc etc
I don't think, any CC event can make up for that...