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[Chat (Android)] Not the first time I can't play events.

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Posted on 8/7/21 12:14:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

What is up with castle clash's events?
Login bonanza: I have to restart client 5 times minimum to be able to claim the prize without having the error pop up everytime I try to.

Puzzle: it's just blank nothing works.

Knights event: event says you have 1 FREE chance to attack but in-game the value of attack chance is 0 so idk what the heck is happening.

I'm kinda scared of today's treasure mining too, I had mined around 80 to reach golden chest last time but the rewards arrived so late. Mailbox max 60 instances, I kept waiting to do the remaining 20 and ended up having to leave the game hence wasted my 20 mining rewards.

No doubt I really love these events but after so many months with the same issues it's leaving a bad taste now :/

Posted on 8/7/21 12:40:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Unfortunately with each update the game seems to experience these issues until IGG does their maintenance / followup update.  These issues should be reported to Live Support or in the Update threads to encourage them to address quickly.


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