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Lololol so what.. Cant dedicate.. Cant spend.. Cant win.. Simple

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I agree with this..they need to fix these type of situations... It doesn't matter if your defense is good or bad..douchebags would just get resources and hit end battle..and there's alot of them in this game...

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lol'd so hard :lol

keep your vaults in the middle that way they have to take out a large portion of your base. That making you base easy to 100% is rubbish imo. It just makes it easier for people to get to your loots then leave.

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spread ur vaults n mines, dont put it in same place

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Don't waste too much energy defending pointless buildings (training center, heroes altar etc.)  That is just a suggestion because I don't know what your base looks like.  Seems like your resources are too vulnerable.

It's also not a good idea to horde large amounts of gold while you are away if you can avoid it.

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i agree less than 50% no reward. problem is one 70+ druid can wipe out 50% by himself. .. its impossible to defend some attacks no matter what. hope to get druid myself sometime after 2014...

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Create a smurf. Gold is free then. It is also legal. It's fun to play with another account during your main accounts down time. In a couple weeks if you do it right. You will be able to spend your down time raiding on your smurf to fill your vaults to about 1 million gold and 600k mana. Then spend a couple minutes withdrawing the fund into your main account.

I suggest never defending since it's useless. I haven't worried about defense or gold since I started a smurf. I suggest you do the same. Until the game changes, adapt to manipulation of might to succeed. It's not perfect but it is a solution. Hope this helps.