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[Chat (Android)] Waiting time suggestions

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Posted on 10/17/13 2:41:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Now as most people know, this game takes patience. And I understand waiting is a part of the game. However, once you get to a high might like I am at (over 10000), the waiting time is ridiculous, not only for troops but for buildings as well. Here are a few possible suggestions I hope will be taken into consideration.

1) leveling up third tier troops such as fairy dragons takes ridiculously long, so why bot make a way to shorten it without spending thousands of gems? Maybe make it possible to spend a million gold to take a day off or something. This problem seems a little more hard to solve, as it is pretty useless to level up those troops until about level three or four, then they might really be worth replacing level five griffins.

2) anyone that has this high of might knows how much resources and time it takes to level up buildings. For those of us who don't constantly farm our smurfs, it takes a while to stack up, so I'm sure some people, like myself, don't always use all their builders(especially if you're like me and bout 2 extra builders). Now what if instead of having one builder sit around, you made it possible to use two builders on the same building and split the time in half? I feel that would be a reasonable solution to the long waiting time. Honestly the first problem of the troop times is worse then this one, seeing as it takes almost a month to level up your dragons at level 3, and I've seen complaints in multiple threads but I still think that this would be some sort of solution.  You could even do something where you could use one of your builders not being used to decrease troop improvement time, I don't know, just throwing ideas out there, I'm sure that there are more, and id love to see what other people think along with get some feedback on my ideas as well.

By the way, feel free to friend me for when the guilds are added... Name: StevieWho ranked between 400 and 500 come find me!

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I also thought of the 1M gold to reduce 1 day of upgrade time. Or it could be something like:

1M gold to reduce 1 day off the upgrade time...
1.5M gold to reduce another day...
2M gold to reduce another day...
so on so forth...

I think this way it would be a challenging but doable task and would be a good alternative to using gems.

Posted on 10/17/13 3:25:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

cos they wan u to buy gems

Posted on 10/17/13 3:44:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i understand they want you to buy gems lol ive spent about 400 on gems but come on. waiting 30 days? thats a bit ridiculous. some people would still use gems but it was something like ygritt said then it would take a serious amount of time and effort to get that much gold and it would only take a day off at a time. just throwing ideas out there but i like to save my gems for talent refreshes and now apparently the new heroes coming out so that will be a bunch more money down the drain :) still waiting on that double xp weekend!!

Posted on 10/17/13 4:12:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

very good idea