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[Chat (Android)] Recover account from faulty tablet

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Posted on 10/17/13 6:00:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


My son (and me) played on his tablet for a while now, but it become faulty, need to take to service, most probably will be replaced with a new one. Will use the same account there, but don't know if CC will be recognized that new device with the same account. We saved info on goggle server with the android settings, not sure if that helped or not.

We know the google account info (email address and pwd), ingame name, detailed on our city (got one Ninja). I am logging in from the same IP addres at home, other site is at work if that can help to track back.
But we did not wrote down the IGG number.

Will we able to play once the new device will arrive?

Thank you,