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[Chat (Android)] suggestion for defence improvement.

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Posted on 10/17/13 6:32:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

At the moment no defence is the best defence this needs to be changed as many ppl like myself did not notice this at first and built walls and towers. My suggestion is...

1) walls stop all troops. - at the moment flying troops are way overpowered as they ignore walls making them the only useful troop type.

2) a successful defence loses no resources. If the attacker doesnt win they shouldnt get any rss.

3) longer shields for lower dmg. Lets say 2 is put into place ppl would 51% you to farm and you only get a 2 hr shield. This should be doubled to 4hrs and increased every 10% upto 100%.

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well i think thia

Posted on 10/17/13 9:25:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i think this is good , walls should stop all troops . Maybe they can make the different amount of damage to walls with different troops. About the successful defence , the lower the % , the lower the resources u get. Let say if u destroy 20% of a base , the normal amount of loot is 50k, since is only 20% , let them get 20% of the 50k.  im sure this would motivate farmers

Posted on 10/17/13 9:31:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i disagree. you should make your base so that 50% is gone before they get your gold/mana! and. flying troops.are taken out by one arrow! 5 arrow towers mean 5 griffins are killed every second! and the farming (under 50%) works both ways! if your gold is out people will take it! stronger base is what you need.

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Posted on 10/17/13 11:39:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think our shield duration should be based on an average of upgrade times for the current levels of buildings we have in our bases. For example:
Player X at 3300 might - 10hr shield for 100% defeat
Player Y at 7000 might - 36hr shield for 100% defeat
Player Z at 20000 might - 72hr shield for 100% defeat

These are just examples not real numbers.

Posted on 10/17/13 12:06:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

thats a great idea. the shield should scale higher to a players might level, but not too high but then there will be nobody to raid

Posted on 10/17/13 12:07:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think it should scale because we have to wait just barely over 9,000 days for something to upgrade and gain stats the size of a grain of sand.

Posted on 10/17/13 12:37:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I do not think the walls should stop flyers; rather, I think that there should be a new sonic tower that emits a wave slows flyers movement and attack by 80% within its area.  Players could have this tower instead of one of the others.  It would have range same as cannon tower.

Posted on 10/17/13 12:53:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

my issue...... Cannon towers not targeting flying troops.  This is the only tower type that won't kill birds.  It just sits and spins.  Whether it be dragons/birds it is crazy.

Same can be said if you have a GHOSTIE (Spirit Mage) hero.  Cannon Towers ignore them.

Cannon towers need fixing to target all.

I agree partially to the walls/flying troops.

There are 10 lvls of walls.  Flying creatures should be given a clearance hight.  To go along with this walls should also have a "height".

Walls 1-3:  Height 1
Walls 4-6:  Height 2
Walls 7-9:  Height 3
Walls 10: Height 4

Troops for "flyover"
Griffin lvl 1-2:  Clearance Height: 1
Griffin lvl 3-5:  Clearance Height 2
Dragon lvl 1-3 Clearance Height 2
Dragon lvl 4-5 Clearance Height 3

That way if you don't upgrade walls.... flying troops can get in.  but if you upgrade to full walls.. nothing can get in with the exception of GHOSTIE and that should remain as it is a "spirit" and not a true physical body type hero.

While one could play some with the numbers... I think you understand my intent here.  The more defense you build.. the less can simply come in.

Run a city with 4-5 Cannon towers and launch birds/dragons... they go over walls and cannons don't shoot them.  Now you are left with only troops/heroes to handle them.  Doesn't seem right to have walls and a towers which won't even work on the troops attacking