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[Chat (Android)] Enhance Tower Defenses

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I've looked at the stats for garrison of troops and think the garrision should be not based on flat-stats but should instead be based on the heroes in them.

Heroes have 2 talents.

1> you add exp through consuming other heroes and/or slimes
2> talents the hero has rolled or talents re-rolled through the use of gems.

I propose using the "passive talents" (ones you can re-roll with gems) and hero Base HP to enhance tower defenses.

We change heroes out at times playing this game as we may get ourselves a legendary hero ... or sometimes even re-leveling a duplicate hero due to the fact it has a better talent.

Why don't towers take the 2 talents into account when heroes are garrisoned in there?


Even lower ordinary heroes who we may not use anymore who are garrisoned into a tower can be beneficial to the tower's attack.

Example 1:
you garrison a lvl 30 alchamist with skills/talents of:
1> Alchemy Hurl (1/9) - deals 180% damage to target
2> Stone Skin (1/5) - reduces damage taken by 5%

Also garrisoned is lvl 20 Hill Giant with skills/talents of:
1> Rock Throw (1/9) - deals 250% damage to a random enemy on the battlefield
2> Stone Skin (1/5) - reduces damage taken by 5%

Using Passive(talent) skills in the tower would now allow the tower to take 10% reduced damage.

Example 2:
Executioner with Berserk 4/5 (Increases ATK SPD by 25%)
Assassin with Deadly Strike 4/5 (Has a 10% chance to deal 6x more damage when attacking.)
Guardian Angel with Tenacity 3/5 (Increases HP by 20%)

using these passive talents the tower with these heroes now will have substantial stats in addition to the ones given based on qualifying level they reach in the garrison (ie lvl 1-5)

The Heroes should "buff" the tower with their passive talent skill and then if they qualify for lvl 1-5 of garrison they give an extra buff of the stats already in play.

This would allow and give actual defense for a tower and give it a fighting chance for survival.

This way if you end up with a tower such as cannon/gem which have lower HP .. you can increase the HP if you have heroes with Tenacity on it.  

For me it seems silly the ARROW TOWERS already have the most HP and one of the buffs for garrision is to increase the HP even more.  Yet the two other towers have no such HP buff (seems backwards to me).


Any heroes garrisoned in a tower has the HP increased by the 50% base HP of the heroes themselves.

lvl 5 Cannon tower:
Base HP Tower has = 17000

Garrison lvl 50 Heroes:  Werewolf(10,900 hp @ lvl 50), Marksman (4,251 @ lvl 50), Dryad (8,844 @ lvl 50)
Now base HP for the tower has 17,000 + 5,450 + 2,126 + 4,422 = 28,998 Base HP (before adding any passive talent buffs as mentioned above)


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So if I put my SM in my arrow tower...

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Personally I dont like Garrison as it is. I already have to face 10 Heroes at the same time right now, adding to that would be so far over the top I can't even fathom it.

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towers are already pretty OP at higher might.... add your suggestion and a lot of bases will become borderline invincible.

1 pally and 2 druid in 1 tower... gg close.

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dunno what your SM is at... but if your SM has 20k HP... the tower gets 10k additional HP before any buffs.... and then depending on what your passive talent is ... the tower gets buffed with that.  

Some talents are not worth much from a garrison standpoint (ie revitalize, revive, enfeeble) but others are worth it.

Then the choice is .... use that hero to defend on a base.. or have that hero in a tower to boost the tower.

In looking at "war" persay Defenses have all played a huge role in keeping enemies out from the "castles" per say.  Moats, Hot oil, trebuchet, towers...etc.

With this game... the "towers" are more of a nit in some aspects.  They don't deal the damage.  They don't have the survivability for most of us either.

Typically when you look at things from a "castle" perspective.... troop to troop hand combat should be the last and results when the defenses are taken down.

Most of us have things set up to "protect our towers" and use troops almost first in the line of defense or troops at the same time as towers activate.  This seems a bit backwards but in order to give towers some more "punch" using the passive talent is a good way to help boost what a tower can do and it will boost based on what heroes are garrisoned in there.

Fine... you want all 5/5 berserk heroes in the tower.... spin to win the gems to get that ... just more money for IGG which is the name of the game.

Or you want towers with much higher HP... garrison high HP heroes to add to base HP and/or add heroes with the tenacity on them.

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CCDaIceman replied at 10-17-2013 03:01 PM
dunno what your SM is at... but if your SM has 20k HP... the tower gets 10k additional HP before any ...

what might lvl are you?

ive run into 5 archer towers with lvl 4 ordinary, lvl 4 elite, lvl 4 legendary.

i watched 5 of my lvl 100+ heroes die in like 15 seconds. i didnt even finish deploying my troops and my heroes were dead.