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[Chat (Android)] Need help on defense

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Every time my shield is deactivated I get raided for about 125k gold/mana near 4600 might or so. It was my first time so I got gryphons at like 3500 might. All my vaults and towers are in the middle but I guess I'm an easy target. I can't even get the 20 free daily gems from raiding because I lose every raid

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Also I've never gotten a legendary. This is my base

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Avoid leaving too much gold, magnet for overnight raid

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Also I've never gotten a legendary. This is my base

never getting a legendary seems to be the problem here then I think (farm for shards even if it is super slow, you need them). What magic do you use in raids? It is so important to have restoration (lvl 5) and guardian angel (lvl 1). Using arrow rain lvl 5 works well against me as well. Personally I would move stuff like TH and training center and relic hall and hero know what I mean, around your griffins or just closer to you troops. use them as distractions. Probably leveled up your TH more than you had to as well getting your might up higher. But your TH has lots of health, use it as decoy so that enemies attack it but your grifs are in range so they can pick guys off (if you know what I mean). Or you can go with the classic easy 100% base to get a shield, that isn't fun though. I am really near your might, so if you want any other tips maybe I would be of use.
My bottom line tip would be to just consolidate the base, make it a lot tighter together and focus your main damage near the center of the base and put buildings on the outside as decoys. (I don't know your experience with cannon tower but when I raid people they are completely useless for defense. Even with centaurs attacking you they aren't that good IMO. Arrow and magic tower all the way! (but mostly arrow ;) ))

Also post on phinal's guide ... 7077&extra=page%3D1

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There is a really cool thread that can help you out ... 7077&extra=page%3D1

Some guy named Phinalhour or something made it and it helps a lot of people with their builds. Check it out ;P