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[Chat (Android)] Would you rather have a THUNDER GOD or a DRUID!

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They might as well change the name of the game to "Druid's Castle Clash" because he is by far the most important character in the game.

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I agree with im2awesome.  you really need a good healer and druid is the only really good healer.  TG good for damage in raids but if you watch a lot of videos ... most have a druid.. and less have a TG.  Granted the TG is a much newer legendary hero but you really need something to heal heroes for raids so they don't die.

without a druid to keep your heroes/troops alive you end up spending more and more for spells to compensate.  Heck even the top 200+ players end up using a lot of spells in conjunction with the druid to try and keep their heroes from dying.

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